7 Signs You’ve Picked The Perfect Baby Name & Won’t Change Your Mind. . . Again

It’s no secret that choosing the perfect baby name can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you have no idea where to begin. You want something that just fits your baby’s personality, but all you know about the little one inside your uterus is that they act like they’re training to be a Rockette just when you’re falling asleep, and hot wings make them angry.

You’ll pore over hundreds of names before finding “the one”, but how can you be sure? Many parents end up regretting their name choices, and it can be an awful, guilty feeling. You probably have a list of criteria you want your baby’s name to meet, like maybe you’re looking for a name that goes well with a sibling’s or something to honor your family, but that doesn’t make it any easier. You just have to be patient and have faith that your baby’s not going to end up with a blank on their birth certificate. If you have to wait until your baby’s born to decide, fair enough, but the pressure and emotions of birth may leave you choosing a name you don’t love the next day. Draw inspiration from everywhere you look, try and match your own personal ideas for a baby name, and then make sure it is totally “the one.” There are seven ways to know you’ve found the perfect baby name and, luckily, they don’t require much effort.


You And Your Partner Both Love It

You suggested half a million names to your partner, who was lackluster about all of them, until you said “the one.” Now both of you finally agree and are in love with the sweet baby name. Why even think about any other name?


You Aren't Worried About The Trends

Noah and Emma were the two most popular baby names in 2014 according to the Social Security Administration, but you know you’ve found the perfect baby name when those stats don’t matter. Who cares if there’s going to be eight other kids in their class with the same name? You love it and you know it just fits your babe.


You Don't Waver When Hearing Other Names

When you’re trying to decide on a name, it’s easy to be distracted by a new baby name. You’ll hear one on TV or meet someone with a great moniker, and start regretting your choice. When you’ve found the perfect name, none of those things will influence your decision.


You Can See It Throughout Your Child’s Life

Of course, right now you’re focused on your baby as a swaddled little thing making cooing noises and fitting in the crook of your arm. But the perfect baby name will carry throughout your baby’s life and you’ll know when you can see your child as a teen, an adult, and even a grandparent with the moniker carrying them through.


You Like Saying It Out Loud

Find yourself whispering the name out loud to your belly? Or singing it as you fold baby laundry? It’s the one. If you enjoy saying it out loud and can’t stop yourself from whispering it a hundred times a day, you might as well toss those baby name books.


You’re Ready To Shout It From The Rooftops

When I had settled on my daughter’s name, I couldn’t wait to tell everybody. I wanted to hire a plane to write it in the sky with smoke, I was so in love with it. Don’t bottle that joy in. Tell everyone you meet if you want!


You’re Trying To Keep It A Secret

And hey, on the flip side? It’s also the perfect name if you want to keep it all to yourself. Surprises are wonderful and if the thought of your family hearing the name with joy moments after delivery makes you excited, you’re totally set on the perfect baby name.