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7 'Spongebob' Halloween Costumes For Kids Who Wish They Lived Under The Sea

Every Halloween, kids are inspired by TV and movies when deciding what to choose for their costume. Their favorite characters can make for cute and creative costumes, or, at least, creative when compared to princesses, witches, athletes, and doctors. You know, the old standbys. If you're still trying to figure out what your kid should dress up as for Halloween this year and your kid thinks Spongebob is the funniest show on TV, then you might consider some Spongebob Halloween costumes for kids. Take inspiration from your kid's favorite show and dress them as one of the many memorable characters from one of Nickelodeon's animated classics.

While you might think that these costumes would be nearly impossible to DIY, that's not necessarily the case. It's true — they'll likely take a little bit more effort than other costume ideas that you can easily pull together in seconds (if you want to go all out) — but there are plenty of super simple DIYs that will do the trick if you don't have the time or the crafting expertise to do more. Plus, there's always a store-bought costume and there's nothing wrong with going that route, no matter what anyone says. If the little one in your life says they want to dress up as a Spongebob character this Halloween, don't fret — these suggestions make fulfilling their wish easy peasy.


Easy DIY Spongebob Costume


This costume is easy with a capital E. All you'll need is a Spongebob shirt — make sure you get one that's predominantly his face ($12, Animation Shops), khaki-colored shorts ($9, Children's Place), knee socks ($5, Party City), black shoes, and, if you're feeling crafty, a homemade hat for his shifts at the Krusty Krab.


DIY Pearl Costume

If Pearl is more your little one's thing, you can easily DIY a Pearl costume for Halloween. You'll need a gray shirt ($5, Children's Place), a pair of matching gray leggings ($7, Kohl's), a pink dress ($7, H&M), some darker pink felt to make the P on her dress, and a cardboard box to cover in gray craft paper to make her head. If you want to take it up another notch, cut a small hole in the back of the box and pull her hair through and into a ponytail. Costume done.


Spongebob Or Sandy Mask

Spongebob And Sandy Masks, $8, Etsy

These Spongebob and Sandy masks are the perfect topper for your Spongebob-inspired costumes. The faces are the trickiest parts of these costumes, but very important. People will definitely notice the extra effort.


Spongebob Tutu Dress Costume

Toddler Spongebob Tutu Dress, $40, Etsy

How cute is this Spongebob-inspired toddler costume? Everyone will know who your little one is dressed up as, but it's still a completely adorable costume that can double as a dress-up outfit after Halloween is over.


Knit Patrick Hat

Patrick Star Hat, $10, Etsy

If your kid prefers Spongebob's friend Patrick to the sponge himself, this knit hat is just the thing they need to put their costume over the top. Dress them in pink, add green and purple-flowered board shorts, top it off with the hat, and your kid has a costume.


Spongebob Baby Costume

Spongebob-Inspired Baby Bodysuit, $18, Etsy

So it's not a Halloween costume, per se, but it's the perfect kind-of-a-costume, low-effort outfit for Baby's First Halloween. You're already killing the Halloween costume game, Mom.


DIY Sandy Costume


If your little one is as spunky as Sandy, pull together a fun Sandy costume for your kid this Halloween. You'll need a white hoodie ($9, Hanes), a pair of white leggings ($5, The Children's Place), gray boots, and a large plastic fish bowl ($5, Chewy). Cut a whole in one side of the fish bowl so that the open top can frame your kid's face for breathability and add a large felt flower to the outside of the bowl. Want to take it up a notch? Add a fuzzy squirrel tail and your little one will feel like she really is Sandy.

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