7 Steamy Thanksgiving Movies To Watch After You Tuck In The Kids And Grandparents

"Thanksgiving movie" and "steamy" don't typically go together. Most movies made for this time of year are meant to be innocent enough to be watched with grandma, grandpa and the kids. Generally speaking, movies that center on big Thanksgiving family reunions (and there are many) don't end up with two characters having sex while the turkey is cooking. And yet, there are a few steamy Thanksgiving movies you can watch if you are in the mood for romance and some bedroom heat after that giant meal.

If you look, you can find some heated Thanksgiving movies that feature swinging 1970's key parties, dysfunctional and incestuous family relationships, sexually entangled college reunions, and bisexual cowboys trying to figure out life. While my family's Thanksgiving traditions revolve around football — we watch games, play touch football, change from our muddy clothes into holiday-appropriate clothes, enjoy an out-of-this-world meal, and then watch more football — there are those whose holiday is spent watching back to back Thanksgiving specials. They're more likely watching classic Thanksgiving movies like Alice's Restaurant, Home Alone, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and Miracle on 34th Street (which leads you right into Christmas), but when the kids and grandparents are all tucked in bed, some might choose to watch something with a little more sex appeal.

When you want to snuggle up with your partner and are looking for steamy film with a holiday theme, here's a list that includes sexy Thanksgiving movies from the past few decades.

House Of Yes

Thanksgiving gets really crazy when Marty brings his fiancee home to meet his family. His twin sister, Jacqueline has just been released from a psychiatric hospital and her obsession with Jackie Kennedy Onassis and with her brother borders on creepy. This black comedy has some really good performances and includes a variety of actors from Parker Posey to Freddie Prinze, Jr, to Tori Spelling — you'll find some oscar-worthy as well as Razzie-worthy performances in this one.


This one is like The Graduate, if Benjamin were a minor and Mrs. Robinson having sex with him were illegal. Oscar is an extremely precocious 15-year-old who has no interest in girls his own age. His obsession? His stepmother. Is that who seduces him? Watch the move to find out.

She's Gotta Have It

Spike Lee's first full-length movie showed 1986 theatergoers that a woman could have a healthy, thriving, multi-partnered sex life. Nola Darling is dating three very different men and enjoying each of them but not wanting to commit. She's juggling them all with no problem, but for some reason decides to invite them all to Thanksgiving dinner, which as you can imagine doesn't go well.

Hannah And Her Sisters

The sex scenes in this film don't tear anything up but the steaminess is found in the family members' many affairs and coupling and re-coupling. Taking place over three Thanksgivings, Woody Allen gives us an extended family ruminating over sex and love and the meaning of life.

The Ice Storm

It's 1973, with Watergate and the sexual and social changes of the 1970's on the front burner in Connecticut. When Paul (Tobey Maguire) comes home from prep school for Thanksgiving weekend, he's oblivious to the sex games and swapping that is going on with his parents and their friends. He heads to NYC in hopes of hooking up with his schoolmate, Libbets (Katie Holmes) and when he returns back to Connecticut, he's confronted with the horrors of the evening's events.

Brokeback Mountain

The illicit, complex, emotional, and sexual relationship between two ranch hands (Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger) is the centerpiece for this groundbreaking drama. Their stories interweave and Thanksgiving dinner 1977 serves to show the contrast between the lives of the two men.

The Big Chill

This one's got sex and a great soundtrack. College besties get together after the funeral of one of their friends and reconnect. Some of them discover old passions, some find sexual revival, and one very generous wife lends out her husband to help out a friend.

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