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7 Subtle Signs A Pregnant Woman Is Dangerously Close To Overheating

The end of summer may be way too close for comfort, but hot temperatures are still plaguing pregnant women everywhere. Heat can be super uncomfortable when you're expecting, leaving you a miserable, smelly, and sweaty mess. But aside from the discomfort, it can also be dangerous. In fact, there are some subtle signs a pregnant woman is overheated that you should know about to make sure you stay safe this summer.

Overheating is never good for a pregnant woman, but it's especially risky during the first trimester. According to Kids Health, if your body temperatures gets up over 102 degrees for longer than 10 minutes during the early months it could hurt your unborn baby, possibly causing neural tube defects and even leading to miscarriage.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay cool in summer when you're pregnant. It's also important to remember, however, that overheating isn't just about the weather. Things like spending too much time under an electric blanket or taking a long dip in a hot tub while pregnant can also raise your body temperature according to Baby Center. You can also get overheated by overdoing it when you work out, so make sure you take a break if you start feeling any of these seven signs.


You Feel Weak Or Tired

If you suddenly find yourself feeling weak or tired even though you've gotten enough rest, you could be overheated according to Mom Junction. Down a glass of water or make a beeline for the air-conditioning and you should feel better.


You Feel Nauseous

You might assume your upset stomach is linked to your last meal, but there might be a more serious cause. According to eMedicine Health, feeling nauseous can be be a sign that you're overheated and need to cool down.


You're Dizzy Or Light-Headed

If you're feeling dizzy and light-headed, overheating could be to blame according to BabyMed. You might want to lie down so you don't pass out and risk hurting yourself.


You're Dehydrated

If you just can't quench your thirst no matter how much water you chug, it could mean that your body is overheated according to Parenting. Overheating and dehydration often go hand in hand, and can lead to preterm labor.


Your Head Is Pounding

A pounding headache isn't just a sign of stress. According to Baby Center, it can also mean you're dangerously overheated and need to cool off.


Your Heart Is Racing

Baby Center also noted that if your heart is racing, it could be a sign that you're overheated. It means that your heart is working overtime to keep your body cool and having trouble with the task.


Your Body Temperature Is High

If you become overheated during pregnancy, you'll probably be feeling at least one of the above symptoms. But if you're not sure if your body temperature is too high or not, Baby Center noted that you can use a thermometer under your armpit to check it. If it's above 102 degrees, you're in dangerous territory.