Party City
'Nightmare Before Christmas' Costumes To Make The Whole Fam Halloween Town Citizens

What's this? What's this? It's a whole bunch of totally awesome The Nightmare Before Christmas costumes, that's what. Who among us doesn't love this stop-motion classic about a discontented skeleton seeking fulfillment and acceptance via Santa Claus? You'd have to be a monster more vile than the Oogie Boogie man not to dig this Tim Burton masterpiece.

I remember when the film came out, one of my friends attempted to be the creepy, sewn-together Sally for Halloween, using only some Mary Kay pancake make-up and an eye pencil. Alas, the end result was unfortunately a bit more Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Who knew that 26 years after the film's release (26 years!) it would still have such a following that Party City would dedicate an entire line to Jack Skellington and friends?

I have to say, the costumes on offer are a delight. Like I kind of want to buy a pair of the Party City Skellington gloves with the extra-long pointy fingers just to wear around the house to freak my kid out. They might also be a hit at the school welcome breakfast. I'd love to be eating a donut with 6-inch bone fingers while introducing myself to my son's new teacher...

Below, I round up some of the best of Halloweentown, for any parents out there who'd like to opt for something other than a banana suit this year, or who would like to dress their children as something with a little more flair than Buzz Lightyear.


Baby Jack Skellington

What is cuter than a baby Jack Skellington, I ask you? This adorable little ensemble comes with a striped jumpsuit, felt bat tie, and a very literal skull cap. It also has handy snaps in case your little Pumpkin King decides to make more than Christmas, and needs a quick diaper change. Bonus: save the little tux for your sister's wedding, and tell everyone you're raising him goth.


Toddler Sally

Another one from Party City, this super cute get-up is perfect for transforming your 3-year-old into a humanoid rag doll seeking a soulmate. It's a sweet patchwork dress that comes with a stripy headband and socks, as well as little blue tights with large stitches painted onto them. If you want to dress alike, there of course is an adult version on offer for mom. And even a Sexy Sally, because there of course is a sexy everything. But Mom... just don't.


Oogie Boogie Man

I must admit, I actually find this Oogie Boogie costume to be rather unsettling.The formless, sack-like body. The mask with the mouth gnawing on various centipedes. It's just...creepy. Which means it's perfect for terrifying the neighborhood children. This one from the Disney Store is a bit on the pricier side. It's also an adult version, and I have a hunch it would appeal to dads, as it requires little more than stepping into a bag and zipping it up. I'm sure it would also work for a taller child, so they could stroll the streets together as a father and child team of sentient, menacing bags of potatoes.


Lock Mask

If you perhaps don’t feel like dropping over a hundred dollars on the Disney Prestige Oogie Boogie, why not opt for one of Oogie’s henchmen? This plastic Lock mask from Walmart is much easier on the wallet. Pair it with a red sweat suit, and your kiddo will be ready to roll. Plus, when they get sweaty and take the mask off, you can just tell people they’re one of the twins from Royal Tenenbaums.


Sandy Claws

I really think this Sandy Claws costume can be multi-purpose. You can trick-or-treat in it, then you can remove the beard and save it for Christmas. Or you can keep the beard on at Christmas and ruin Santa for all of the small children in your house. There's so much one can do with this set of jacket and pants, boot covers, gloves, and disturbing mask.


Zero The Ghost Dog offers what is arguably one of the cutest characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington's ghost dog, Zero. This little cape and hood for toddlers is both super sweet and slightly hilarious. Best of all? The little nose lights up like a mini-jack-o-lantern.


Jack Skellington Dog

And if you're looking for something for your actual dog, might I suggest this absurd/genius Jack Skellington costume for hounds? A suit jacket complete with headpiece and bat bowtie, your pooch will steal the heart of every trick-or-treater he barks at. Should you purchase this, please be sure to make a small film wherein you play "Jack's Lament" and get melancholy shots of your dog trying to eat off its bowtie.