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Theories About Lagertha's Fate On 'Vikings' Show How Bad Things Might Get

The last time viewers saw Lagertha on Vikings, she watched her latest lover, Heahmund, get slaughtered on the battlefield. Since then, she’s been M.I.A. and fans were unsure of her fate. In the preview for Wednesday’s episode, Lagertha is a shell of her former warrior self and theories about Lagertha on Vikings prove the worst may be yet to come for her.

She’s been missing for several episodes and since she wasn’t shown dead on the battlefield, it was clear that she didn't die. Now, fans know she’s alive but no one knows where Lagertha was or what has brought her back. As it is, she looks like she’s aged 10 years in the promo and she’s wearing a rough sack dress instead of her usual warrior garb. The theories about Lagertha having died during the last battle can now be thrown out the window, but there are still theories about Lagertha’s future that look equally as grim.

Personally, I’m not ready to say goodbye to the former queen of Kattegat who could still make a big comeback. Her disappearance at the end of the battle several episodes ago could have marked her for death, but since she’s about to return, obviously the Vikings writers have more plans for her in future episodes. I doubt they’d bring her back, just to kill her by the end of Season 5. She could still have some hard days ahead of her, however, and judging by their theories about Lagertha, most fans seems to agree.


Bjorn Will Have Something To Do With Her Death

Or, more accurately, Bjorn will kill Lagertha, according to one fan’s theory on Twitter. I know, things just went from zero to 60 really fast, but the theory rides on the prophecy that Lagertha will "be killed by a son of Rhagnar." Not only would this solidify the claim that Bjorn is Rhagnar’s son, but it would be heartbreaking all around. I don't know why things would come to that, but with Lagertha’s weakened mental state, anything is possible right now.


Danish Vikings Took Her

On Reddit, AfefKastalli wrote that Danish Vikings might have taken Lagertha shortly after the battle. If she was wounded, she would have been vulnerable to them, especially in the chaos at the end and after watching Heahmund die in front of her. While in shock, she might have been carted away before she knew what was happening. It would make sense, then, that she appears to be in some kind of prison in the promo for Wednesday’s episode.


Lagertha Will Be Killed By Another Son Of Rhagnar

Redditor Doncevd08 came up with the theory that, in due time, Lagertha will be killed by Magnus, who is considered to be Rhagnar’s son, even if it isn't by blood. Magnus hasn't been seen for a while, but it might be a shocking way to bring him back and bring Lagertha’s story to a tragic end. It could also ignite more war, which Vikings is kind of all about.


Lagertha Has Plans Of Her Own

Although one fan’s theory on Twitter about Lagertha plotting something in Kattegat doesn't line up perfectly with the disheveled state she’s in right now, it could have some weight to it. The theory says that instead of having been captured, Lagertha has been in Kattegat working on a plan to take back the crown. She hasn't been queen for some time and while I’m not sure she has any desire for the throne again, it could be possible. She might have had the plan to do just that but was taken prisoner by someone else.


Lagertha Won't Be Herself For A While

Another Redditor, harleyyquinade, wrote that Lagertha has mentally checked out and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. The Redditor said that "Lagertha is gone mentally" and doesn't remember anyone. If that’s the case, it’s going to be a long road back to the original fighter fans know and love.


Her Days As A Warrior Are Numbered

Based on the promo for Wednesday’s episode, Omar_Elattar wrote a theory on Reddit that Lagertha is in England and might not want to return to her former life. They pointed out that her cage looks like the one where Ragnar died in England and added, "She wanted to return to her life as a farmer so it’ll be interesting to see what happens."


Gunnhild Had Something To Do With Lagertha’s Disappearance

It’s not as harsh as the theory that Bjorn kills his own mother, but another Redditor had the theory that Gunnhild, Bjorn’s lover, had something to do with what happened to Lagertha. They pointed out that Gunnhild was the one who killed Heahmund during the battle and was physically the closest person to Lagertha the last time viewers saw her. She also might want to be queen herself someday, so it's possible that she played a part in Lagertha’s disappearance.

I would much rather learn that Lagertha has been training hardcore in a cave somewhere, a la Batman Begins, but obviously homegirl has been through it since the last time fans saw her on the battlefield. If and when she recovers, she might not be the same.