7 Things Every Basic Pregnant Woman Does At Her Baby Shower

In my opinion, there's not a damn thing wrong with being "basic." After all, popular things are popular for a reason. So when you're pregnant and planning your baby shower, I say stick to tradition all you want. If you like the standard decorations, foods, and party games, go for it. Enjoy the things every basic pregnant woman does at her baby shower, without hesitation or apology. After all, it's your party and you'll be basic if you want to.

My very first baby shower was a pretty basic, "I'm having a girl" affair. There was pink everything, a cake with my daughter's name on it, and games people silently bemoaned playing. It took a ridiculous amount of time to open presents, and doing so in front of all my guests was awkward as hell. We ate from a platter of hors d'oeuvres that neither satisfied, nor pleased, so I was still hungry when all was said and done. And it was all my doing, because this is what I believed a baby shower was supposed to be like. To do any different meant I was breaking tradition, or something, and that didn't feel right.

I deviated from the basic plan with my second, and it was actually a unique, fabulous affair that didn't leave me hungry and bored. But I will say, without a doubt, that my basic baby shower was easier to plan, easier to set up, and much easier to execute. And when you're pregnant, hormonal, and tired, sometimes it pays to go the basic, easy route. So with that in mind, here are a few things every pregnant woman does at her baby shower. Let's just keep the judgment at the door, my friends.

She Plays The Games

It's every basic pregnant woman's right — especially with her first child — to plan and execute the perfect party games. The "guess how big her belly is using toilet paper" game? Check. The candy bar in the diaper game? You bet. The crossword consisting of only cutesy baby things? Of course.

Are they kind of annoying? Sure. But are they ultimately a celebration of the baby about to be born? Yes, which is why it's more than OK to be a basic pregnant woman playing basic baby shower games.

She Offers Finger Foods

Why are small portions or tiny versions of big foods even a thing? I get the whole "keep everything baby size" argument, but it only leaves people — including the guest of honor — hungry. So sure, the small finger foods are cute and probably easy to eat, but let's get real: people go to parties hoping to get fed, not teased.

She Has A Gender-Centric Theme

I had a very "girl" baby shower when I was pregnant with my first child over 11 years ago. Things have changed and, as a society, we're moving closer to the day everyone accepts that gender is a social construct, and far from binary.

Still, a pink or blue baby shower is still very much a thing, and it's every pregnant woman's right to have the shower she wants.

She Open Gifts & Acts Surprised

Ah, the magic of watching someone open presents, am I right? Everyone gathered around you, pretending to be interested in whatever baby onesie or needless accessory you've just been gifted is, in my opinion, so basic. when I think about my first baby shower, I must admit that this is the one part I would change. It's a lot of pressure to be the gift-opener, but it's also a little annoying to be in the audience as an active participant in this charade.

She Talks About The Pregnancy Nonstop

Basic pregnant women love to talk about themselves. Hell, I did. There's no shame in airing all your pre-baby grievances, just know that people will eventually grow tired of hearing about it.

Of course, it's only natural to talk about your progress or the impending baby's future at the baby shower, but there comes a time when your guests likely want to hear, or talk about, literally anything else.

She Has Cake

Listen, if there's cake at any kind of party, I'm going to eat the hell out of it. Baby shower cakes tend to have a little stork or some other basic "It's A Girl/Boy" phrase written in icing, but whatever: it all tastes delicious.

She Writes A List For Thank You Notes

I definitely asked a willing party-goer to write down all the gifts I opened, and who they were from, so I could write an endless amount of thank you notes in the near future. While I think the sentiment is very kind, and saying thank you for the support of family and friends is important, OMG it sure does make the entire process longer.

Being basic isn't a bad thing (again, self-proclaimed basic mom right here) if you genuinely like what you like, and not for the sake of trying to fit into the "norm." Because that's the beauty of being basic: all the hard stuff has already been figured out so you can just enjoy the ride.

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