7 Things To Know About Being Pregnant When Mercury Is In Retrograde

Three to four times a year, Mercury enters retrograde, which can really seem to throw a wrench into your life, to put it lightly. If you're expecting, you may be even more worried, wondering about all the things to know about being pregnant when Mercury is in retrograde.

But first, what the heck is Mercury retrograde? According to Astrology Zone, Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, so its orbit is much shorter than that of Earth. As Mind Body explained, a few times a year, Mercury zooms past our planet, but then, as as it rounds the bend in its own orbit, Mercury slows down and appears to stop and spin backward. That's when we we experience a Mercury retrograde period.

Mercury retrograde is a challenging area in many people's lives – primarily because it affects the ability to communicate, according to Bustle. Additionally, because Mercury is also the ruler of coding, shipping, selling, buying, and traveling, there's quite a bit that can go haywire during the retrograde period. And it may seem like Mercury retrograde is a scheming plot to make your life into chaos.

If you're pregnant, it's likely you're already experiencing a ton of change and uncertainty. So to keep disorder at a minimum, it can't hurt to take some of these things into consideration during a Mercury retrograde period.


Communication May Be Rough

Whether it's with your partner, family, doctor, or even yourself, communication is the most chaotic piece of Mercury in retrograde, according to HuffPost. Anything from a conversation, to a text, to a random exchange can be an unusually big challenge. It makes sense to be a little extra vigilant in keeping records. And, make sure to ask for clarity if you're at all confused by anything or anyone, especially your health care practitioner, says.


Think Carefully About Any Big Decisions

According to Cafe Astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication, and "rules our 'lower' mind, affecting how we perceive and interpret information." So, your thinking may be a little sluggish, and you might not automatically consider all the options when faced with a decision. If you're thinking about doing something like changing healthcare providers or revising your birth plan, either sit on those urges until the retrograde period passes, or just make sure you're really thinking things through.


Take Extra Care With Important Exchanges

Many astrologers advise against signing contracts or making any binding decisions during this time. So you may want to think twice before doing anything that could have a long-term effect on you, your pregnancy, or your family. If you're writing an extremely important email, looking over a sensitive document, or reading through detailed instructions, devote extra care and time.


Pregnancy Brain Will Rule

As mentioned earlier, communication is total chaos when Mercury is in retrograde, but that doesn't just mean only with others. If you find yourself misplacing things, forgetting, or getting lost in general more than usual, you may have this time period to thank for that. (Or maybe it's just pregnancy brain!)


Travel May Be Especially Challenging

Traveling while pregnant — especially near your due date — is always a little stressful. According to Astrologer Ryan Evan's AFAR article, travel often includes a lot of data, communication, and activity, all of which have a higher possibility of misfiring during Mercury retrograde. Astrologically speaking, it's a good idea to be overly prepared for travel at this time or avoid situations that could make it difficult to get where you want to be if you go into labor.


Your Gut Might Be More Haywire Than Usual

According to astrologer Mitchell Lewis, writing for Prevention, the stress caused by Mercury retrograde can often manifest in tummy problems. "Expect an out-of-whack nervous system to make your digestion extra-sensitive," he writes. Nothing pregnant ladies can't already handle!


It's A Great Time For Nesting

There is a positive side to Mercury retrograde! Cafe Astrology notes that this time is "best used for re-organizing and reflecting." So get cracking on cleaning out a closet you want to use for your newest member of the household, or indulging in your urge to color-code all of the baby's onesies. It's also a great time for journaling or working on that scrapbook, so you can always remember this amazing inward journey.