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These Things Make Your Uber Driver Die A Little On The Inside When You Do Them

It's hard to imagine the world before Uber. Even though it's a fairly new company, it's quickly made itself absolutely indispensable. However, with the good is the bad. Most of us have an Uber horror story. Once, I got a driver who was eating spaghetti as he drove. Not only did it stink, it also made me worry about his distraction. But what about the reverse? What horror stories might they share about us, and what can be done about it? Here are seven things you do that annoy your Uber driver, so you don't make those mistakes again.

Before Uber, many of us were reliant on public transportation, traditional cabs, and pricey car services to get around if we didn't have a car. Now, with ride services like Uber and Lyft, we have more choice and better reliability in our transportation. Even people with cars routinely rely on Uber for those times you just don't want to or shouldn't get behind the wheel. However, this convenience means that people take the service for granted and are perhaps not always on their best behavior in the cars. One peek at the Uber drivers' Reddit threads will have you rethinking how you act in an Uber.


Clipping Your Nails

One Uber driver on Reddit named UberDriver9999 wrote that a fare (known on Reddit as a "Pax") got in their car and proceeded to clip their nails the whole trip. Not only did she gross the driver out by doing this, but she left all of the clippings all over the car.

And this is apparently a thing, as driver after driver chimed in to say that it's happened to them, too.

First of all, who are you people who are doing this? That's disgusting. Second of all, no one wants your DNA. Not nail filings, not nail clippings, not the hair that you shed brushing it in the backseat. Clean up.


When Riders Smell

A common complaint amongst the drivers seems to be stinky riders.

We get it, you need a ride home from the gym. You're all swole and sweaty, and the 15 block hike seems like 1000 miles. So you call an Uber. Only you don't shower first and your deodorant isn't holding up. You stink. Try to do something about it before you infect someone else's car with your funk.

As for the dude who went vegetable picking and fell in manure? I think a great tip would go a long way toward ingratiating yourself with your driver.


When You're Cheap

I have often said that everyone should be forced to take a year off and be a server if they can afford it. It teaches you a lot about humanity and more than a little about what it means to rely on the generosity of others.

You've got to tip your drivers. Yes, I understand there are extenuating circumstances that would preclude a driver from deserving a tip based on service. (Mr. Spaghetti driver did not get one.) In most cases, though, it behooves you to give service people the benefit of the doubt and tip them. It might be they're having a bad day, or they're new to the job. If they're not rude or endangering your safety, et cetera, tip them.


Slamming Your Doors

My MawMaw would tan my hide if I ever slammed a stranger's car door, but apparently, cranky passengers have been known to slam doors just because they're annoyed at their S.O., according to Uber driver MidwestbornNWraised.

It's not cool to slam your own car door, so it is certainly not good to slam someone else's. Also, everyone on the street can see you do it, and they are judging you harshly, because you look like a douche.


Not Knowing Where You're Going

Reddit user UberGBo wrote that one of the most frustrating things that happens to drivers is when they don't know where to go. He told the story about getting some inebriated women to Denny's late one night, and how it cost all of them time, and cost the women money because no one knew how to get there.


Sitting Up Front

Sitting up front in an Uber can make your driver uncomfortable. Several drivers noted how it feels invasive and sketchy allowing riders up front with them as they drive.

Stay in the back seat. I get it that sometimes it's a motion sickness thing, but if there's no reason for you to be up there, don't place yourself there.


You're Being Unsafe

A Reddit thread exposed how many pax show up with their toddlers or babies in-tow and no car seat. In many cases, the driver is required by law to refuse the fare or risk an expensive ticket. This is not the case in New York City where car seats are not required for cabs or car services.

Know the car seat laws where you live and understand that your Uber driver must abide by them as well.

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