7 Times Chrissy Teigen Was The Realest Mom Ever

There are all sorts of celebrity moms. And then there is Chrissy Teigen, who has a brand new baby, Luna, with her husband John Legend. Even before she was pregnant, the model and cookbook author was all over social media. Since she's recently given birth, Chrissy Teigen has proven she's the realest mom ever on social media. Sure, that dad who went viral for sensitive puking might be a close second, but Teigen isn't just tweeting about the dirty work — she's doing it all.

She's sort of getting to the core of some of the Mommy Wars, even though she is the least judgmental person out there. In fact, when people shamed her for various things after giving birth — and even "embryo shopping" — she sort of took it in stride.

Recently, she called out commenters on her Instagram and Twitter profiles to stop fighting with each other using her account. "I can't have people threatening each other and losing their minds in extremely HARMLESS photos," she wrote one day. "It isn't something I will take anymore." Because Chrissy Teigen doesn't have time for pettiness. She has Lip Sync Battle to co-host and pranks to play on John Legend, like telling him to use the Magic Eraser in the shower.

It gets better too: there are plenty of reasons to adore cool-mom Chrissy Teigen... just take a look.

When She Very Openly Had FOMO

Chrissy Teigen pretty much live tweeted the Met Gala this year and the White House Correspondents Dinner from her couch, with baby Luna attached to her boob. You can choose to breastfeed. You don't have to love motherhood all the time, and Teigen proves that that's okay.

When She Went Hard On Mother's Day

All anyone could talk about was how banging Teigen looked just weeks after labor. But what I want to know? Is that a cocktail? Can we just pretend it is?

When She Went Down There

No one told me either, and because I'm a wimp, I will be calling my pharmacy to make sure my birth control is refilled on time, just to make sure I don't join that Realness Club.

When She Couldn't Handle The Cuteness

Just days after taking her home from the hospital, Teigen captioned this photo saying, "bath time is too cute! my heart, it hurts." Because of course. All moms should feel free to gush over their little ones whenever they want. Teigen lets nothing stand in her way, gushing over Luna like a queen.

When She Just Had Crabs

She threw an (obviously) well supplied crab boil at her house. Even though Luna can't have any buttered claw meat just yet — how lucky is she to live in a house where this happens on a daily basis? Okay, so maybe this wasn't for Luna, but at least we know her mom won't serve up boring dishes on her birthday next year, right? Party on, kids.

When She Bought Herself A Push Present & Hated It

Just after, she tweeted, "Have you EVER heard of a grosser name for a product?" No, we haven't.

When She Slayed Family Time

I mean, come on.

Teigen, despite the random haters, obviously has this mommy thing going on. But of course she would.