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7 Adorable Times Prince George & Princess Charlotte Were *Exactly* Like Your Own Kids

The royal family is on everyone's minds these days for a really great reason: we're all hopped up on wedding fever. After the truly glorious wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry — now the Duchess and Duke of Sussex — the whole world is talking about the British monarchy. And no offense to the newlyweds, but a whole lot of chatter has been about Prince George and Princess Charlotte. After watching the two of them perform their page boy and bridesmaid duties, they've become the real stars by proving the royal kids are basically like your own kids — in all the most amazing ways.

Meghan Markle obviously looked stunning on her wedding day at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, and Prince Harry was exactly the sort of groom plenty of women dream about: hopelessly in love with his bride. And considering their entire bridal party consisted of 10 small children, 4-year-old Prince George and 3-year-old Princess Charlotte among them, things at their wedding could have gone pretty terribly.

But miraculously, the wedding seemed to go off without a hitch. Not because these little royals are naturally just better behaved than other children, but because the people around them came prepared. Which is, in my humble opinion, the only reason any child ever behaves.

All About The Candy (Bribe)

When royal photographer Alexi Lubomirski had the bridal party pose for the official wedding portrait, he didn't rely on wishes and dreams to get the perfect smiles out of the kids, according to Town and Country. No, like a true pro he reportedly offered them Smarties, a popular Canadian chocolate candy. And just look at the smile on Prince George's face in the picture. Also Prince Harry's face, incidentally.

Getting Giddy Over Machines

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One might assume it's difficult to impress a member of the British monarchy. Not so. When Prince George visited an airport in Hamburg, Germany last July, he was struggling with tantrums, according to Harper's Bazaar. But that was before he was offered a tour of a helicopter. Much like so many kids, big machines turned out to be the one thing to turn that frown upside down.

Royal Tantrums

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte spend a lot of time in the spotlight, and so their fans are often treated to their refreshing public tantrums. Their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, usually makes short work of them, like when Prince George didn't want to cooperate at his aunt Pippa Middleton's wedding in 2017, according to The Sun. But still... it's nice to know you're not alone, right?

Suspicious About School

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When Prince George arrived at Thomas Battersea nursery school in London last September, he was terribly polite once he met his new teacher, according to Global News. But one look at his face says it all; the kid is not totally down with going to school. Like pretty much every kid, everywhere.

Avoiding Their Adoring Public

Princess Charlotte might have been ready to wave at her fans at the royal wedding, but Prince George was like so many other shy kids out there; hiding behind his dad, Prince William, and waving reluctantly, according to People. Again, looking slightly suspicious appears to be his wont.

Cheeky Princess Charlotte

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Then there's Prince George's gregarious little sister: Princess Charlotte, who got pretty cheeky at the wedding. She stuck her tongue out at a photographer, according to Town & Country, so just remember that the next time you bring your little one out in public and they act out.

Meltdowns Du Jour

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Kate Middleton recently welcomed her third child, little Prince Louis, which means she's become a pro at dealing with meltdowns. Much like the one Princess Charlotte had as the royal family was leaving Germany last July, according to In Style. I hope you've perfected the crouch and scold like the Duchess of Cambridge, because it's quite exceptional. Especially in heels.

Secretly Sweet As Pie

As great as it is to know that Prince George and Princess Charlotte throw tantrums and get cheeky, it's also nice to see how genuinely sweet they are. Just like your own kids. Prince George reportedly comforted a nervous little bridesmaid at the wedding, according to Town & Country, while Princess Charlotte reportedly helped to keep all the children organized.

That's the thing about kids, isn't it? They'll goof off and act out, and then surprise you out of the blue with something super sweet. Who doesn't love that?