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7 Totally Normal Things About Inductions

An induction isn't for everybody and it can be really scary, especially when you don't know what to expect. I mean, there are few things weirder than actually tricking your body into labor, right? But there are some normal things that happen when you get an induction, and they can make you feel a little better about the situation.

Inductions happen more than you may think. Although What to Expect noted that most doctors prefer to let nature take its course, there are some moments where inductions are necessary for the health of you and your baby. Whether you're overdue, having complications, or your water has broken, but labor hasn't progressed, you may find yourself talking to your doctor about giving your body a jump start into labor.

That's the weird part, right? Shouldn't nature have done its job already? But no matter how bizarre induction feels (and it can be really weird), it might be exactly what you and your pregnancy need to meet your baby. No matter what you're feeling, there are some very normal things that happen when you get an induction (even if they don't feel that way). So get educated, prepare for your induction as best you can, and if someone snaps at you for being crabby while you're being induced, remind them that you're the one about to push a baby out of your vagina. Nobody else gets a say in your mood. (Being crabby? Totally normal.)


You Exercise Patience

Well, hopefully. It's not fun to wait, but it is a very normal part of an induction. The Bump noted that every induction is different, but in some cases, you may need a medicine like Cervidil which could take 12 hours to administer. According to the Mayo Clinic, how long your induction takes depends on how your body reacts to the medication, so it could be up to two days from the time of induction to your baby's delivery.


You Become Exhausted

I mean, labor is no walk in the park, but with an induction, you can become super exhausted. Parents noted that many moms become worn out once induction takes longer than they prepared for, and that all of the excitement and waiting during your induction can make you even more tired. Normal for any kind of delivery, but still not very fun.


You Stress Yourself Out

And what happens when you're exhausted, worried, and about to have a baby? You get stressed. According to Parents, it's normal for moms to be stressed during their induction — they aren't sure what to expect, there could be issues because of the induction, and the wait can really put moms over the edge. Try to prepare as best you can before your induction, but don't be surprised if you're stressed out during.


Your Baby Is Monitored

This is a normal part of any delivery, but especially during an induction. What to Expect noted that your baby will be constantly monitored by electronic fetal monitoring so your doctors know how your baby is reacting to the medications.


You're In Pain

I mean, it's normal. Even if you had a non-medicated labor, this was a given. But Mayo Clinic noted that sometimes induced contractions and labor are stronger and more painful than a natural labor. Normal. Just sucks, right?


Your Cervix Has To Be Made Favorable

This sounds wacky, but it's normal — your cervix has to be ready for labor. The Bump noted that your cervix has to be made favorable before you can receive drugs that cause contractions, so it's normal to be given drugs to ripen your cervix for labor.


You Have An IV

Yup, an IV is very normal for an induction. According to What to Expect, an IV is used for any kind of fluids during birth, but especially for an induction — pitocin, the drug used to simulate contractions, is given through an IV. This can affect your movement and birthing position, but it's normal.