7 Turkey Serving Hacks, Because You’re Tired of the Traditional Bird On a Platter

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here, but I’m not going to lie — I’m ready. As much as I love all of the appetizers, sides and desserts, I always look forward to a big, juicy, roast turkey. While I’m not much of a traditionalist, I do have a soft spot for holiday traditions and Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without that delicious bird. But that doesn’t mean your meal’s main course has to be the same dish on everyone else’s plate. Using some turkey serving hacks, you can create a unique, fresh main course out of an old favorite.

Turkey meat is so versatile that putting a fun spin on your recipes is pretty easy, and always turns out delicious. If you do decide to keep a tradition and carve some meat, you may want to try out some new herbs, marinades, or cooking techniques to change it up. (Might I suggest a crispy, mouth-watering fried turkey instead of an oven-baked bird?) If you’re not a fan of sliced turkey piled high on a platter, you might opt for cooking a breast and cubing it into a hearty chili or turning it into breaded tenders. No matter your choice, these TK turkey serving hacks are sure to give you some ideas on how to prepare your Thanksgiving feast and keep everyone begging for more.


Asian Spiced Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey’s always the star of the Thanksgiving show, but this Asian spiced turkey recipe from A Spicy Perspective will leave everyone talking. Unlike a traditional turkey, this one is stuffed with lemongrass, basil, scallions, and sliced ginger to give it an amazing Asian taste. And did I mention Sriracha is one of the main sauce ingredients? Yum


Buffalo Roasted Turkey

Using a buttery hot sauce to slather a turkey may not be traditional, but it sounds pretty amazing. Thanks to foodiecrush, this buffalo roasted turkey recipe may be making the rounds this holiday season. With a crispy, roasted skin that’s been baked in hot sauce, it also makes for excellent sandwiches.


Lemongrass Braised Turkey Legs

Who says you have to cook a whole turkey on the big day? I am a food blog has a wonderful lemongrass braised turkey leg recipe for those of you who prefer to chow down like King Henry VIII and snack on a leg.


Deep Fried Sriracha Turkey

OK, deep fried turkey is outrageously good anyway, but try injecting it with a sriracha marinade and good gracious. Tori Avey has created an amazing deep fried sriracha turkey recipe and it is one for the books, you guys. The marinade actually marbles inside the turkey and makes my mouth water just looking at it. Imagine this on a sandwich for Black Friday!


Turkey Chili

For the non-traditionalist, you may be over a huge roast turkey or carving up meat. This turkey chili recipe from The Comfort of Cooking may be just what you need. Thanksgiving’s usually a pretty cool month anyway, so having a hearty chili as the star of the show makes sense to me! Plus it’s made with shredded turkey meat rather than ground turkey, so the texture of Thanksgiving is still there!


Slow Cooker Citrus and Herb Turkey Breast

Yes, I did find a turkey recipe that’s not only delicious, but also made in the crock pot. You’re so welcome. Mom on Timeout has created an amazing slow cooker citrus and herb turkey breast using oranges, thyme, and rosemary to bring out some amazing flavors. Seriously drooling over here.


Honey Garlic Turkey Tenders

There’s always that kid at Thanksgiving that refuses to even look at the roast turkey. Well, you’re about to win this game because The Gouda Life has a honey garlic turkey tenders recipe that will trick everyone into munching on our favorite Thanksgiving meat. Also, the breading? Yep, made with crushed Goldfish crackers and cornflakes. Everybody wins!

Images: Courtesy of A Spicy Perspective; foodiecrush; i am a food blog; The Comfort of Cooking; Tori Avey; Mom on Timeout; The Gouda Life