7 Ways Sex Gets Better Post-Baby — No, Really, It Does!

Sex is one of those things that changes a lot through your lifetime, isn't it? No two romps are the same, especially when you factor in differences like a new partner or a situation like pregnancy. Sex while pregnant can bring on some powerful orgasms and release a lot of tension, but it can also be uncomfortable and different. And postpartum sex? Well, it can be scary and make you a nervous wreck, but the benefits of post-baby sex can make it better than ever before.

I know. You don't believe me. You're exhausted, you're covered in spit-up, your boobs are leaking milk all over the place, and your partner forgot to pick up diapers yesterday. I get it. Motherhood has totally rocked your world and all you want when you have some free time is to wash your hair and get some uninterrupted sleep. But postpartum sex is something you and your partner can look forward to. It can help you rebuild that intimacy you may have lost during the last few months of your pregnancy. It can help you find your new groove as a loving couple with a baby. It can release some of the stress that motherhood has put on your shoulders. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to let go of those sexual desires you had before. And if you're not feeling sex at all, maybe these nine benefits of post-baby sex can encourage you to get back in the saddle (I mean, if you like the cowgirl position and all.)


You'll Be More In Love With Your Partner

You've just shared the most wonderful thing that'll ever happen to the two of you, and the intimacy it creates is unparalleled.


You Can Resume Your Favorite Positions

That baby bump has been in your way for the last few months, but now that your womb is no longer occupied, you can resume all of your favorite positions without fear. Face down, booty up, that's the way you might like to make love now that you don't need a pregnancy pillow to assist.


Quickies Are Exciting Again

Remember when you and your partner were first together and you couldn't keep your hands off of each other? Cooking dinner was always interrupted with sex on the dining room table, and a quickie before date night was pretty much the best thing ever. Well, thanks to parenthood, and that tiny baby that's always around now, you can bring those exciting quickies back. If you know that your baby only has ten minutes in the bouncy seat before they lose it, grab your partner for a quick get-it-on sesh and feel excited and turned on for the next one.


You May Be More Sensitive

Just how pregnancy can influence your sensitivity to orgasms, the same can apparently be said for your post-baby life. Clinical sexologist Kat Van Kirk told Women's Health that the physical trauma of labor can actually increase your sensitivity to orgasms. So you may find that you're having orgasms easier than before or that they're more intense and better than ever. Um, perfect.


Your Kegel Exercises Will Help

Doing those Kegel exercises after childbirth aren't just strengthening your pelvic floor muscles -- they're helping you orgasm, too. So while you may be concerned about your post-baby ability to hold in your pee when you sneeze, those exercises can also gear you up to enjoy sex a whole lot more.


You Can Focus On Oral if You're Still Nervous

Pushing a baby out your hoo-ha or having major abdominal surgery aren't exactly easy tasks, and they can make you feel incredibly nervous about starting your sex life up again. But hey, you don't have to have penetration to enjoy a good romp in bed? Post-baby sex, especially if you're nervous, can be a great time to focus on lots and lots of oral. Bring your partner to orgasm without worrying about delivery scars or trauma, and let your partner take you to the edge with their own oral exams.


You Can Take Your Time

You may not have an uninterrupted hour to have sex, but that's all good. Take your time by building up the anticipation throughout the day until you two can finally get your hands on each other. Your baby's going to be taking up most of your time, but that works in this situation. Grabbing your partner's butt as you pass them to pick up the baby, or kissing their neck as they fix a bottle can recharge the two of you and make that final landing in the bed incredible.

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