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7 Ways To Know Your Sex Life Needs A Boost

Sex isn't the most important aspect in a relationship, but it can be a pretty big part of the intimacy you share with your partner. The thing about sex is that it's not always about quantity — it's about quality. Having sex every day may make you think your sex life is great, but there are some subtle ways to know your sex life needs a boost that you may be missing.

I know, I know. You think your sex life is fine. Trust me, I get it. When you're busy, whether it's from dealing with work, family, or everyday life, sex isn't always on the priority list. So when you have it? You and your partner give each other a pat on the back. You managed to defeat the stereotype of relationships becoming totally sexless. Both you and your partner are satisfied every time you have sex, you enjoy it, and you even look forward to it. But that doesn't mean your sex life couldn't use a boost. No one's saying you have to wear lingerie to bed every night or start sending your partner sexy pictures in the middle of the work day, but these seven signs that your sex life could use a boost may just inspire you to change up the intimacy between you and your partner.


You Don't Sleep In The Same Bed As Your Partner

I know it sounds like if you aren't sharing a bed with your SO, then you probably aren't having any sex, but that's not always the case. If your partner is falling asleep on the couch after you've gone to bed, or if co-sleeping is pushing one of you to the guest room, it's time to make a change for your sex life. The Wall Street Journal notes that experts tell those experiencing trouble in the bedroom to share a bed with their partner again, with no kids or pets interfering.


You've Fallen Into A Routine With Sex

Sex every three days sounds great, until you realize that it's happening at 8 p.m. after you finish an episode of Friends and turn out the light, every single time. It's not always possible to be spontaneous, but a break in your routine can seriously boost your sex life. Not only will making out on the couch or having sex in the shower remind you of your dating days, but it can put the excitement back into it and turn you on even more than the standard bed routine.

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You're Feeling Down About Your Body

Feeling lackluster about your body? You need to remind yourself that you're gorgeous and watch your sex life change. A study from the University of Texas found a correlation between low self-esteem and body image and low sexual satisfaction. When you feel better about yourself, you simply have better sex.

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Your Mind Wanders During Sex

You're having sex and you're getting off, but you spend the whole time thinking about your to-do list. When your mind wanders, you can't fully give into sex, therefore you can't enjoy it to the fullest. The physical desire may be there, but the emotional focus has to be there, too.


You Haven't Been Active

Dr. Joy Davidson, a sex therapist, told Fitness that exercising stimulates your body, nervous system, and brain, so you become more excited and receptive to sex. Not to mention all of the feel-good endorphins flooding your body and the stress relief exercise gives you can make you more in the mood.


Your Dates Haven't Been Adventurous

Look, I love putt-putt as much as the next person, but adventure is always good when you're planning a date night. Adrenaline is a great libido-booster according to CNN, and an exciting situation can activate your nervous system, just like it does when you're sexually aroused.


You Haven't Been Spending Enough Quality Time With Your Partner

You can make your sex life so much better if you don't use your nightly sex as the only quality time you have with your partner. Mary Jo Rapini, a sex and relationship psychotherapist, told Prevention that "a daily check-in is one of the best ways to instantly feel more connected." Make sure to re-connect with your partner on all levels, so that your intimate ones are even better.

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