7 Ways to Make New Mom Friends That Won't Push You Too Far Out Of You Comfort Zone

by Lindsay E. Mack

Good friends make everything more pleasant (or at least bearable), and motherhood is no different. Once you have a baby, it’s natural to seek out the company of other mothers who share your experiences. But achieving you #momsquadgoals isn't as easy as it seems, and you may in need of ways to make mom friends that don't make you fee like you're back in kindergarten.

Surprisingly, a lot of the advice offered for making mom friends echoes dating advice. Put yourself out there. Make the first move with a funny opener. Try the Internet. The whole process can leave you a little vulnerable and frazzled. After all, it can be difficult to rally yourself to take on new activities and get out of your comfort zone on top of all the parenting duties that take up your day.

Fortunately, parenting presents itself with many opportunities for you to meet your new mom BFF. By getting regularly involved in weekly activities, chatting up your fellow moms at a playground, and even connecting with other moms online, you’re certain to make mom buddies eventually. And in the absolute best case scenario, your kids will become best buddies, too.


Connect Online

Hey, we do everything else online, so why not make mom buddies? Look out for local moms groups on Facebook, or take Today's advice and try apps such as Hello Mamas or the MomCo


Park It

Local parks and playgrounds are a natural meeting place for moms — and they're free! If you're not sure how to make the first move, try sharing some snacks or complimenting their chid's sandcastle building skills to help spark the conversation.


Find Common Ground

Huffington Post suggests finding common ground with your fellow moms outside of parenting, even if you just complement their outfit. If you spot a mom in the wild wearing a shirt for your favorite team, for instance, she just might be excellent mom BFF material.


Go Beyond Small Talk

Real Simple advocates moving beyond small talk by asking slightly more personal questions. Asking about the ways that the baby has changed her life, or even how she's dealing with a particular developmental stage, are means to get beyond surface discussions. 


Get Classy

Any type of Mommy & Me classes — yoga, music, or tumbling, for instance — are fantastic venues for meeting potential mommy buddies. Ask a fellow mom if she wants to grab a cup of coffee while your little ones are learning to master tree pose.



While additional work may be the least appealing thought in the world right now, volunteer opportunities are a fantastic way to get to know other moms. You can help your community, connect with others, and set a great example for your kid at the same time.


Try Speed Dating

For moms, that is. Austin Woman Magazine reports that local moms seek friends at Moms Matched events, which offers moms about eight minutes per "date" to connect with one another . The New Yorker also reported on this trend in the NYC area. Look around your own city for such events (or start your own.)

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