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Here Are 7 Super Easy Ways To Erase That Temporary Tattoo In No Time

Temporary tattoos are a fun way to change up your look for a festival or big event, but sometimes they aren't quite temporary enough. Knowing how to remove temporary tattoos quickly and painlessly will help you enjoy this body art even more. Now you can rock all sorts of temporary tattoo designs during a vacation or long weekend and still look like your usual self for work or family duties.

These cool designs will wear off on their own in about a week or so, but there are all sorts of reasons you might want to remove a temporary tattoo right away. Maybe it's starting to peel and flake and you'd rather remove it all at once. Maybe your kid decides they don't really want to rock that dinosaur on the arm after a couple of days, or you want to remove the art before school starts back up. Whatever the case, it's easy enough to make them disappear in no time.

Really, though, temporary tattoos have come a long way in recent years. The newer models are nothing like the blurry cartoon characters that used to come in gumball machines (although those were great at the time). New temporary tattoos can look real and function as a fashion accessory, according to Bustle. Honestly, the floral ones are so intricate, they would fool just about anyone into thinking you got the real thing.

And if you change your mind, then it isn't much of a commitment at all. Simply follow these tips for removing a temporary tattoo to start all over.



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Try using a gentle body scrub. By rubbing an exfoliating scrub on the temporary tattoo with gentle, circular motions for about half a minute, most of the image should disappear, according to Healthline. If you don't have anything on hand, then make a simple DIY sugar scrub as explained in Bustle. The only ingredients are sugar, coconut oil, and some drops of essential oil if desired. It's a sweet and sort of luxurious way to remove that temporary tattoo.


Cold Cream

If it's good enough to remove a full face of makeup, then it can probably take on a temporary tattoo with no problem. Rub some cold cream on the temporary tattoo, then gently scrub with a washcloth, as noted in How To Clean Stuff. The tat should wipe right off. If you don't have cold cream on hand, then any sort of makeup remover is worth a try.


Nail Polish Remover

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Acetone, the main ingredient in many nail polish removers, will get rid of just about anything. Dab a cotton swab with nail polish remover to wipe off the temporary tattoo in no time, as explained in Authority Tattoo.



Break out the minty stuff. Apparently mouthwash can remove temporary temporary tattoos as well, according to Our Everyday Life. A splash of mouthwash should help break apart the tattoo, which you can then rub off with a warm washcloth.


Coconut Oil

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The oil with a million uses can also work here. Coconut oil can remove temporary tattoos, as explained in Healthline. Simply put a few drops on the design and rub in small circles until the tattoo wears off the skin.



If the tattoo is larger, then this might be the quickest way to remove it. Stick a piece of clear tape over the entire temporary tattoo, press down firmly for a few seconds, then remove the tape, as explained by Professor's House. If you have particularly sensitive skin, however, consider doing a small patch test with the tape first. Removing a temp tattoo should not hurt in any way.


Rubbing Alcohol

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Chances are you already have a bottle of the stuff handy underneath the bathroom sink. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, let it sit over the tattoo for a few seconds, then scrub away, as explained in Trending Tattoo. With this or any of the other tips, your temporary tattoo can be easily removed in no time.