7 Ways To Show Your Boobs Some Love After Breastfeeding

It’s no secret that growing and birthing a human being changes your body. One part of the body that can and usually does undergo a tremendous transformation post-pregnancy are the breasts, especially if you choose to breastfeed. From engorgement to clogged ducts to mastitis to the seething pain of a hungry baby’s bite, it's easy to feel unhappy with your breasts when you're nursing. But as moms it’s important we give our bodies some extra love. Thankfully, there are ways we can show our boobs some love after breastfeeding. After all, they (and us!) deserve it.

Of course, how you show your breasts some TLC will be entirely dependent on your own breastfeeding experience and what you feel your body needs. If you're feeling touched out and you need a nursing break, for example, how you practice self-care will vary from the person who is simply looking for a blow-out way to honor the end of their breastfeeding journey.

But regardless of whether you need some solo-time or a nipple-piercing appointment to help you reclaim your breasts, one thing is clear: your body and your boobs deserve to be celebrated after working hard to provide another human being with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. So with that in mind, here are a few ways to shower your boobs with love:

Buy Some New, Well-Fitting Bras

We all own bras that don’t fit right, and our straps slide down or the underwire digs into our chest as a result. Why not show your boobies some much-deserved love by getting sized properly and investing in a few good bras? Post-breastfeeding your breasts might go back down in size, but not necessarily to their original pre-baby state, so a fitting is a good idea.

Go Entirely Bra-Free

If you're a woman, your chest is one of the few body parts that are nearly always covered up. But if you really don’t feel up to wearing a bra, especially after breastfeeding, consider treating your boobs and going bra-free for a change. Once your breast milk supply dries up, you won’t have to wear those nursing pads anymore and you can finally #freethenipple.

Take Some Pictures

As a new mom, chances are you're not feeling up to a DIY boudoir shoot of you and your breasts, but hear me out. Taking sexy photos of yourself can often make you feel more confident about your body, so why not turn the camera lens towards your beautiful breasts after a job well done? You could wear one of those cute new bras you bought or let the ladies hang out — model’s choice.

Give Your Boobs A Massage...

Think about all the parts on your body that could use a massage. Now think about the body parts that are not on that list. Yeah, you left your boobs off the list, didn't you? Well, they need some TLC just like any other hard working body part, so why not combine an at-home breast exam with a nice massage and give your boobs some love.

... Or Let Your Partner Shower Them With Attention

Your baby has spent the past however many months (or years!) latched onto your chest morning, noon, and night. And when a baby hasn't been attached to your breasts chances are your breasts have been attached to a machine. Which is why, more often than not, us moms don't want any physical affection from our partners. But if you're through breastfeeding and you're feeling up to it, why not let your partner know that you and your boobs would appreciate some extra attention? This can help remind you that your boobs are multi-functional, and while they're not entirely sexual they're not entirely dedicated to feeding another human being, either.

Take Them Out On The Town

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a double-D or have an A-cup chest, there’s always a way to show off your breast assets. Buy a cute crop top or a low-cut sweater, or maybe one of those dresses with the plunging necklines. Get whatever kind of blouse or tank or corset you think will help you feel the most confident with your post-breastfeeding breasts, and flaunt them as much as you like.

Really Thank Them

At the end of the day, your breasts have completed or are still doing an amazing job. They have not only created and stored countless meals for your baby (giving them all kinds of immunity boosts and nourishment), but they have also served as a base of comfort for your little one. Whether you silently acknowledge the work your boobs have done, or you set up a ritual or throw a celebration, take the time to sit back, relax, and appreciate your body for all it has accomplished.