7 Weird Hacks To Make Sex Even Better

by Olivia Youngs

You've heard of hacks to make your mornings more productive. You've heard of hacks to help you be happier and healthier. But what about for your sex life? They're two concepts that aren't usually found together. Sex is meant to be "natural," right? It's supposed to happen easily between people, with sparks, and connection, and orgasms, right? Sometimes. But sometimes sex can be hard or awkward, and using a few weird hacks to make sex even better shouldn't make you feel guilty.

In fact, it should make you feel the opposite. Taking control of your sex life and your comfort with your own body via these simple (and kind of strange) hacks will empower you and give you confidence in bed. According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, more than 60 percent of women claimed they've faked an orgasm at least once. And although the reasons for faking an orgasm are many, and are often just symptoms of a deeper problem, most claimed that wanting sex to be over, not feeling comfortable or able to climax, or fear of letting their partner down was their motivation for not giving themselves the time and attention they deserve.

In a culture that shames women for being comfortable and confident about their sex life, it's no wonder that these simple hacks will seem revolutionary.


Wear Socks

As non-sexy as it may seem, consider putting on a pair of socks next time you get frisky. In a study at the University of Groningen, researchers found that 80 percent of couples who wore socks during sex reached completion, compared to only 50 percent who could climax without them. Aside from keeping you warm, insulating your feet increases your blood flow, which according to Maxim, can facilitate mind-blowing orgasms.


Take Off Your Heels

As if you needed another excuse to stop wearing heels, studies show that heels higher than two inches can cause your pelvis to tilt at an unnatural angle, lessening the intensity of your orgasms. According to Time, many brands of high heels have specifically tuned the angle of their heels to mimic that of a woman's pelvic arch when she's climaxing. Although this seems like it should heighten the sex appeal of high heels, over time, heels can lessen your ability to enjoy your orgasm, since your pelvis is already tilted and there's essentially no where else for it to go.


Stay Hydrated

One of the more rational sex hacks. Studies show that women who drink more water are more lubricated (everywhere) and have higher sex drives. Honey Colony noted that increasing your water intake can help fight vaginal dryness. Drink up!


Ditch The Alcohol

Although sex and alcohol may seem to be perfect soulmates, the reality is that drinking alcohol causes your body to lose water, which, according to Huff Post, can lead to vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction, so ditch the booze (in moderation) and stick to water when you're trying to have really, really good sex.


Annoying Gag Reflex? Try This

A study that was originally conducted to help dentists ease their patient's gag reflex during procedures can actually be applied to an annoying gag reflex during sex too. According to the study in the National Institutes of Health, a pressure point located on your palm — the spot in between your thumb and pointer finger — can minimize the gag reflex.


Workout Before You "Work Out"

Getting your sweat on before you get your "sweat on" can help you feel more confident and satisfied in your sex life. Aside from strengthening your body and increasing flexibility, according to Prevention working out increases blood flow to your genitals (and everywhere else, too) and increases your self-confidence.


Get Your Greens

According to Health foods like arugula, avocado, and spinach can help increase your blood flow and limit the absorption of environmental factors thought to negatively impact libido.

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