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7 Wine & Valentine's Day Candy Pairings To Give Those Store-Bought Treats A Fancy Feel

Valentine's Day may not be your favorite holiday, but it's definitely a good reason to indulge in two of your favorite vices — wine and candy. And combining the two? Even better. You may find some alcoholic chocolates out there, but why not up the ante on the holiday by finding some great wine and Valentine's Day candy pairings?

Although it's a day catered to couples, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the red and pink holiday on your own. When I've spent Valentine's Days as a single lady, I've loved grabbing bags of my favorite candy and a bottle of wine. Not because I'm desperate or depressed or trying to drown my sorrows in calories, but because I'm my own valentine. Whitney said it best —learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. And you know what? I'm loving myself with candy and wine.

And if you have a significant other, consider this your dessert. Plus this is the perfect way to enjoy your kids' Valentine's candy that they bring back from class. I mean, your 6-year-old can only eat so many Reese's hearts. So I spoke with Jill Davis, wine director of Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse in Orlando, Florida for her expert opinions on pairing our favorite Valentine's Day candies with wine. You're classy and you're fancy, so unwrap those candies, put them on a pretty tray and pour yourself a giant glass.


Candy Hearts And Demi-Sec Sparkling Wine

You know those chalky like little hearts with the sweet sayings? Well you know there's a box in your house somewhere. Pair it with a nice glass of demi-sec sparkling wine. "They are light in body, bubbly, and slightly sweet," says Davis.


Chocolate Covered Marshmallows And Port

Every holiday, these chocolate covered marshmallows are released in a new shape, meaning Valentine's Day gets the heart-shaped ones. And to quote Forrest Gump, "I could eat about a million and a half of these." Well now I can drown those with some port according to Davis. "I personally think port goes best with all chocolate," Davis says. "Any wine with too high of an acidity will actually curdle the chocolate which has milk in it."


Sour Candies And Mosel Riesling

If there's any type of sour candy laying around, don't think you have to toss it in the trash for the easier-to-pair chocolate. Davis has a wine recommendation for you. "Mosel Riesling, hands down," she says. "It is light, bright, and just as zippy as the candy itself."


Ferrero Rocher And Tawny Port

Davis says that all ports go well with chocolate, but if you have a candy that's more nut-driven, like the hazelnuts in a Ferrero Rocher, you'll want a tawny port as, "they are much more nutty in flavor."


Reese's Hearts And Ruby Port

"Peanut butter with ruby port is essentially like eating an adult PB&J," says Davis. "Ruby ports are sweet, fruity, and big, and pair wonderfully." I'm all for an adult PB&J, my friends.


Chocolate Coconut Candy And Chardonnay

Chocolate and coconut is a dream team in my opinion, so I was eager to hear Davis's recommendation on a pairing. Surprisingly? Her expertise says chardonnay. "Coconut candies would pair with a creamier style of chardonnay that has an ever so slight amount of sweetnessThe textures would play on each other perfectly."


Box Of Chocolates And Malbec

And for that heart-shaped box that's filled with a variety of chocolates? "You could go with a fruity driven malbec of sorts," says Davis.

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