8 Times Adam Busby Got Incredibly Honest About Postpartum Depression

Dad of six and TLC star Adam Busby has already made an incredible impact due to his brave honesty on OutDaughtered — a reality show focusing on a house of all-girl quints, their big sister, and the Busby parents. These Adam Busby quotes about postpartum depression show exactly why his statements have been powerful for so many viewers, especially parents who have suffered similar circumstances with their own families. With the support of his wife Danielle Busby, he has been able to use his show as a platform for others who might need help mentally, but aren't quite sure why or how to go about securing that help yet.

Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker's dad has highlighted that paternal postpartum depression rates are under-reported as of now. According to the Center for Pediatric Research at Eastern Virginia Medical School, 10 percent of fathers reported postpartum depression, alongside 14 percent of mothers. Researchers dubbed it a "significant problem," noting that it often leads to "undesirable parent health behaviors and fewer positive parent-infant interactions." For the health of an entire family, speaking out about and addressing postpartum depression concerns is absolutely vital.

Danielle's shown her unwavering support of her husband, as has his father. The following quotes assure viewers that Bubsy's aware of this incredible system he's got going on, and he will continue working to convince others that help is possible and healing can happen.


When He First Publicly Confronted His Postpartum Depression

Busby's initial hesitancy to confront his postpartum depression has taken a complete turnaround, becoming his primary storyline on the show. He's also used social media, especially Twitter, to converse with doubters who have questioned the legitimacy of his story.

"It's not fun to talk about, but if me talking about this helps any dads out there, then it's all worth it." he tweeted.


When He Defended His Choice To Expose His "Flaws"

"You know that depression isn't a choice?... Exposing my flaws for the sake that it might help others on a worldwide stage," he quipped at a Twitter user criticizing his openness with mental health. "No, that's not strong at all," he sarcastically responded.

In replying to those who doubt his strength, Bubsy continues to work as a mental health advocate, for himself and for others.


When He Got Real About How His Illness Affects His Relationships

In talking with his dad about postpartum depression, according to People, Bubsy got pretty specific about some of the contributing factors to his day-to-day mental health.

"I definitely don’t feel like the Adam that I used to be with work, with friends, relationships. It’s caused some issues between me and Danielle, just because sometimes I want to check out," he told People, adding:

You get through half the week and you realize you’ve barely told your wife "hi" because you’re just so busy. And then by the time all the girls are down to sleep, you’ve got to clean up the kitchen, wash dishes. You’re just exhausted and done.

His dad noted in the same People report that part of this was typical of being a parent, but that when his son "start[s] getting bogged down … [he] needs some help."


When He Reached Out To Other Dads Who May Be Struggling

Breaking gender stereotypes once again, Bubsy has stressed that postpartum depression isn't just a women's issue.

"I want men to feel comfortable opening up about their feelings and expressing the struggles they’re going through," he told People. "I know I’m not alone and I want others to know they aren’t either."


When He Revealed How His Dedication To His Kids Has Taken A Toll On Him

Speaking to the helplessness he's felt in the past, Bubsy identifies his feelings that many parents also undergo when caring for their kids. As Redbook reported, Bubsy's loss of identity and depression are intertwined, and those going through this same issue know exactly what he's talking about.

"I will pour everything into them. I feel like I do that so much, to the point where I don't have anything left for anything else," he said in an episode of OutDaughtered, according to Redbook.


When He Struggled With Being "Strong" For His Kids

Many parents try to "stay strong" for their children, but vulnerability is often the strongest choice for them to make, as People reported.

"I just know that I’ve got to be strong for them — I just don’t want them to think that there’s something wrong with daddy," he said, according to People.

By being open about his experience, Bubsy is setting an excellent example for the girls. Now, they know that when they have a problem, they don't have to tough it out; they can come to him and talk about it instead.


When He Stressed The Importance Of Bringing Awareness To Postpartum Depression

This is Bubsy's mission to a T: Highlight the prevalence of mental health struggles, showing that even a seemingly happy (or dare I say "perfect") family has its own battles to fight, as Refinery29 reported.

"I want to make sure that I bring awareness to the realities of postpartum depression and other mental health issues," he said in an episode of the TLC series.


When He Urged Others To Seek Help When They're Struggling

"The worst thing that you can do is stay silent and try fix things on your own," he said during a July episode, according to People.

Postpartum depression isn't a problem that you ignore until it goes away, and now Bubsy knows this and wants to share that advice with the world, as People reported.

Through the help of his family and a therapist, he's been able to acknowledge this issue and work to remedy it. And by not being silent, he's undoubtedly help others do the same.

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