8 Adorable 'Sesame Street' Halloween Costumes That'll Give Your Kids Major Street Cred

All over the world, parents with young children know who the real celebrities are. Their kids aren’t impressed with Beyoncé or Brad Pitt, but go gaga over their beloved Sesame Street characters. So instead of the same old witches and goblins, why not dress them up in adorable Sesame Street Halloween costumes?

The quest for Sesame Street cred is no new phenomenon (manama), because I remember being in awe of Big Bird and Cookie Monster when I was a kid over 30 years ago. My kids fell in love with Sesame Street the same way I did, and the best part is they learned valuable lessons from each of the characters.

There are so many characters to choose from, which makes it a lot easier to find the perfect costume. Some costumes are easily available in stores and online, and some you can put together with completely reusable items, like t-shirts and hoodies. This is also the perfect inspiration if you're looking for a group family costume or if you just want to watch all of your children rock it out as the world's favorite muppets. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? You can follow the path with these eight adorable Sesame Street Halloween costumes.



Elmo is surely a household favorite. His childlike nature and high pitched voice has kids mesmerized, and any little kid would love to be him for Halloween.

For Elmo you can get an Elmo costume ($38, Amazon), Elmo girls costume ($20, Target), or Elmo baby costume ($30, Spirit Halloween). You can also pull together an Elmo hoodie ($20 to $30, Amazon), Elmo t-shirt ($19, Amazon), or Elmo onesie ($16, Amazon) with red pants ($5, Hanes) or a red tutu ($11, Amazon).


Cookie Monster

Does your little monster love cookies? Then hook them up with a bag of cookies while you dress them up as Cookie Monster this Halloween.

You can get a Cookie Monster kid’s costume ($30, Walmart), Cookie Monster girl’s costume ($32, Target) or a Cookie Monster baby costume ($30, Spirit Halloween). You can even combine a Cookie Monster t-shirt ($14, Amazon) or Cookie Monster hoodie ($20 to $30, Amazon) with blue pants ($5, Hanes) or a blue tutu ($8, Amazon).


Big Bird

My favorite character on Sesame Street was Big Bird. He was kind, soft, and humble, and as a kid, all you wanted to do is give him a hug.

To get your little chick to look like Big Bird this Halloween, you can get a Big Bird costume ($27, Oriental Trading Company) a Big Bird girl’s costume ($20, Target), or you can combine a Big Bird hoodie ($20 to $30, Amazon) or Big Bird T-shirt ($14, Amazon) with yellow pants ($20, LL Bean) or a yellow tutu ($7, Amazon).


Abby Cadabby

She’s the cutest fairy around, so any little girl would love to dress up as Abby Cadabby for Halloween. All you need is an Abby Cadabby costume ($27, Amazon) or an Abby Cadabby shirt ($13, Amazon) that you can pair with a pink or purple tutu ($13, Amazon) and this adorable headband and wand set ($6, Walmart).


Bert & Ernie

They’re the perfect example of what BFFs should be, and they teach kids how to accept each other’s differences. So, if you have two to dress, you can easily get a Bert costume ($19, Spirit Halloween) or an Ernie costume ($19, Spirit Halloween) for your little ones. You can also combine an Ernie face t-shirt ($14, Amazon), blue pants ($20, Gap), and red sneakers ($35, Converse), or a Bert face t-shirt ($13, Amazon), with green pants ($15, Gap), and blue sneakers ($30, Converse). Just don’t forget to throw in a rubber ducky for some fun.


Oscar The Grouch

You hate to love him, but you can't help it. He may live in a trash can, but Oscar the Grouch is a sweetheart in disguise. To get his look, you can get an Oscar hoodie ($20 to $30, Amazon) or Oscar T-shirt ($15, Amazon) and combine it with gray pants ($13, H&M) or a gray tutu ($13, Amazon).



He’s funny, silly, and sometimes overly goofy, but you can’t help but love Grover, especially when he turns into Super Grover. For his look you can get a Grover costume ($20 to $25, Amazon) or Super Grover costume ($20, Amazon). You can even pull together a Grover t-shirt ($13, Amazon) with blue pants ($5, Hanes) or a blue tutu ($8, Amazon)


The Count

The only reason I’m good at math is because I had the Count to teach me my numbers, and dressing up as him for Halloween can be as easy as one, two, three.

All you need is a kid’s Count costume ($23, Wholesale Halloween Costumes) or a Count baby costume ($24 to $33, Amazon). You can even pull together a white shirt ($10, The Children's Place), black blazer ($30, Target), black pants ($12, Amazon), with a white bowtie ($3, Amazon), yellow sash ($7, Amazon), purple face paint ($9, Amazon), and a green cape ($7, Amazon). Just remember to keep count of your candy.

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