8 Awesome Spider-Man Makeup Tutorials You Can…

by Kristin Manna

My family loves superheroes: my dad rocks a half-sleeve tattoo of Thor The God of Thunder, and my twin brother sports a Superman tattoo. Now, I'm not saying you need to get a tattoo to show your love for your favorite superhero. But with Halloween just only a few weeks away, why not go as your favorite superhero character, like... Spider-Man! There are so many rad superhero makeup tutorials out there that will help take your superhero costume to the next level.

The Sensational Spider-Man is by far my favorite superhero; maybe it's because I love the Tobey Maguire movies, or maybe it's because the web-slinger is everything I would want in a man. He's dorky, witty, intelligent, and brave, and his overall demeanor is on point. Although he may be a little short... do we know how tall Spidey is? Whatever, his supernatural powers, in my opinion, put the other superheroes to shame. (Sorry Dad — he swings on webs, for crying out loud!)

There are so many variations of Spider-Man — from all the movies, to all the different comic books — how do you even choose? Luckily, through all these different transformations, the wall-crawler has maintained pretty much the same look. So choosing which Spider-Man you want to go as won't be too hard.


Torn Spidey

If you're a fan of Spider-Man you'll know that, in some action scenes, his outfit gets torn, exposing Peter Parker's face. In this tutorial, Natasha Morley brings you a quick, and easy way to achieve this torn Spidersuit look. This look is super sexy, and the best part is your face is barely covered, while still being very impressive.


Traditional Spider-Man

The very popular YouTube channel "Pinkstylist" brings you this traditional Spider-Man look. He even goes as far as using fabric to cover your eyes, leaving the impression that you are wearing a suit rather than face paint. This look will have everyone wondering how you made the transformation into Spidey.


Spider-Man Mask

This is the tutorial for me, and definitely the web-head look I would go for — it's simple and doesn't cover too much of the face, while still transforming you into this character. The two enthusiastic ladies behind YouTube channel "St Louis Makeup Artist" will take you through this Spider-Man mask look.


Kid's Spider-Man Mask

What young kid doesn't love the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? And believe it or not, it's way easier to transform a young child into a little web-slinger. "Snowqueen" walks you through this simple, straightforward tutorial. It doesn't even have to be Halloween to transform your child into Spider-Man; this video is perfect for a fun dress-up day.


Venom Spider-Man

As noted by Weekly Plant Wiki, Venom made his appearance in Marvel comics back May 1988. This creepy character is a "Symbiote" — a mostly liquid alien that requires a human host to survive. His first host was, you guessed it, Spidey himself. Venom soon became one of Spider-Man's most well-known archenemies, and a pretty cool one at that. "Venom was originally conceived as a super-villain, but has since become more of an antihero," according to Weekly Planet Wiki. Not only is Venom super scary, but he is super dangerous. Lex from "Madyewlook" walks you through achieving this horrifying Venom look.


Infested Spider-Man

Lex from "Madeyewlook" does it again. In this tutorial she brings you an infested Spider-Man look. First Lex walks you through the traditional comic book look, and if you want to take it to the next level follow, till the end, where she transforms Spidey into a infested version of himself.


Carnage Spider-Man

Another amazing Spider-Man tutorial from Pinkstylist. Like Venom, Carnage he is also a Symbiote, but Carnage is truly insane, and an actual serial killer in the comics. If you want a costume that real Spider-Man fans can geek out about, then this one is it.


Kid's Full Coverage Spider-Man

Here is another kids adaptation: this one is a little more advanced than the one above, while still being simple and easy to achieve. RJ, from "RJ's Amazing Entertainment LLC," mostly just using a sponge and face paint to transform your child into Spider-Man.

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