8 Nursing Bras That Go Above & Beyond

There was a time when breastfeeding moms had precious little to choose from in the bra department, especially if those moms wanted something other than a boring old functional garment with about as much style as an ACE bandage. Now, thankfully, lingerie designers have started to figure out that new mothers like to feel pretty, too — and they've also discovered new ways to make nursing bras more comfortable and less bulky. In fact, they just keep getting better and better. So what are the best nursing bras on the market right now? No matter what you're looking for, there's something out there that's bound to fit the bill.

Depending on the day, you won't always need the exact same thing from your nursing bra. Maybe your size is still fluctuating like crazy and you need something that can be adjusted with ease. Maybe you need something lacy and romantic to help you get that pre-baby mojo back. Maybe all you care about is a bra that's as easy-to-wear as an old t-shirt (with more support, of course). The good news is, the most popular nursing bras now go beyond the basics of easy access. You've got more choices than moms have had at any other point in history... and there are more affordable options than ever, too.

Hint: If you haven't built your baby shower registry yet, consider adding a nursing bra (or five). Because while you technically only need a couple of nursing bras, you can never have too many.