8 Caramel M&M Tweets That Will Make You Forget The 2016 Election & Everything Else

It's almost like other candies shouldn't even try anymore. After 75 years in business, M&M has finally unleashed the candy of our dreams: caramel M&Ms. They already had all of our basic candy needs covered; salty, crunchy, peanut butter and what have you. And now with the addition of caramel, the circle is truly complete. We can all just die happy (well, we have to wait until they are available on the shelves in May 2017, but then we can all die happy). Don't think the new addition is a big deal? These caramel M&M tweets will prove just how excited everyone is about the new candy (hint: not even 2016 election woes can possibly permeate the beautiful news).

Caramel, the candy flavor once relegated to the bottom of grandmothers' purses everywhere, has seen a real resurgence in popularity lately. Once the poor cousin of chocolate, caramel is trending wildly (similar to the bacon sensation of 2015). Whether it's salted caramel this, or caramel-filled that, everyone has jumped on the caramel train? Why? Because delicious, that's why.

Much like the little black dress or distressed jeans, caramel simply goes with everything. And the mucky mucks at Mars Candy, the brilliant makers of M&Ms, know it. While they have perfected the salty/sweet goodness of M&M pretzels, the nutty, satisfying perfection that are peanut M&Ms, and the rich, candy-coated smoothness of chocolate M&Ms, they have finally entered the Big Time: caramel. And fans are losing their minds:

Some naysayers might think, But it's just a candy. Who cares? We live in a terrible world and there is just no way any candy will make it better.

Really, naysayers? How about a candy that gives people the will to go on living?

Or how about a candy that convinces people there is indeed a higher power?

Or a chocolate that can heal the wounds of a pretty rough year full of violence, terror, natural disasters, and one of the most disturbing elections in modern history?

The other great thing about caramel M&Ms? They make excellent birthday presents.

But, unfortunately, the sheer decadence of caramel M&Ms might spontaneously bring back your period. Sorry.

If you and your girls happen to have synced your cycle though, be prepared to fight over them:

It's going to feel like a long, long wait until next May when caramel M&Ms are finally out in stores and then in our mouths. Luckily, we have other candy to keep us company in the meantime. (Sigh.)