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8 Celeb Couples Who Are Stronger Than Ever Despite A Cheating Scandal

All too often, living your life in the public eye means that every facet of your life, from your appearance to your relationships to your family dynamic, next career move, and more, are all public knowledge. It can sometimes be difficult to keep things behind closed doors, no matter your reason for wanting to do so. The arguable upside to that is that when something good happens in your life, the world celebrates with you, but that also means that when something devastating or embarrassing happens, the whole world knows that too. The celebrities who stayed together through cheating scandals are well-acquainted with that side of fame, having to navigate not only the infidelity itself, but also the process of rebuilding their relationship in the spotlight.

Trying to determine how to move forward after a cheating scandal can be difficult and heart-wrenching enough as it is without having to endure the whole world knowing all about it. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in celebrity gossip stories and forget that the sequence of events the stories are relaying are about real people, but even with all of that added relationship stress and pressure, some celebrity couples still find a way to move forward together.


Bill & Hillary Clinton

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Former President Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary multiple times. In 2016, while Hillary Clinton was running for president herself, the New York Times reported that before the later cheating scandal with a White House intern while her husband was president, Clinton learned about another of her husband's affairs in the midst of campaigning for him. The two stayed together through admittances of infidelity and remain married to this day.


David Letterman & Regina Lasko

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In 2009, news broke that David Letterman had had sexual encounters with women who worked with him, including his long-time assistant. In 2012, Us Weekly reported that Letterman had told Oprah that he takes full responsibility for the affairs and that he was still working to repair his relationship with wife Regina Lasko. Letterman and Lasko remain married.


Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union

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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been together for a number of years. Entertainment Tonight reported that Wade fathered a child with a woman he had known for many years shortly before proposing to Union. The couple was reportedly "on a break" when the baby was conceived, but Union was said to be quite upset when she found out, as E! reported. The couple reconciled and got married in 2014.


Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

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Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling were both married to other people when they met and got together, but that didn't mean that Spelling was prepared when McDermott cheated on her during their marriage. People reported that the couple worked through the episode on Spelling's TV show, True Tori. Spelling and McDermott stayed married and have since had another child.


Beyoncé & Jay-Z

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It was widely reported that Jay-Z admitted to infidelity in a 2017 interview with the New York Times, which came after his wife Beyoncé's award-winning visual album "Lemonade," which seemed to allege that Jay-Z had cheated on her. The couple, however, remains married and has three children together, daughters Blue Ivy and Rumi and son Sir.


Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

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In 2014, news broke that Hank Baskett had a "sexual encounter" while wife Kendra Wilkinson was eight months pregnant with the couple's second child. People reported that while Wilkinson initially considered divorce, once she learned more about what happened, she stuck with Baskett. The couple worked through it in therapy and stayed married.


Kobe & Vanessa Bryant

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Kobe Bryant cheated on wife Vanessa multiple times and was charged with sexual assault in 2003 (the charges were later dropped and he denied it). While the two initially filed for divorce in 2011, they called off the divorce in 2013, opting to stay together instead, despite the extramarital affairs, as the Daily Beast reported.


David Boreanaz & Jaime Bergman

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In 2010, Bones star David Boreanaz admitted to People that he had cheated on his wife, Jaime Bergman, going public after an "extortion attempt." The two struggled, but decided to stay married after he came clean, working through the issues in therapy.

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