8 Cheap Halloween Costumes For Couples, Because Your Wallet Needs A Break

Store-bought kids' Halloween costumes can get expensive enough, but you might get actual sticker shock when you look at the price of most adult costumes in the store. Now double that for you and your partner's couples costume. Ouch. Not only that, but it can be difficult to come up with a good idea for a couples costume that doesn't require weeks and weeks of preparation. No one wants to start planning their costume in the height of summer (or maybe... you do?). There are cheap Halloween costumes for couples out there, however, you just have to know where to look. You also have to look at the prices of some couples costumes as relative to others when considering how much you want to spend and if the costume you're considering is actually an affordable one.

Buying your costume is, oftentimes, more expensive than going the DIY route, but — also oftentimes — infinitely easier. You don't have to know (or learn) how to sew, you don't have to run around to 12 different stores to find each individual component — all you have to do is pick out your costume, pay for it, and then put it on when you get home. These couples costumes bring to the table not just the convenience of a store-bought costume, but also the relatively small price tag of one you made yourself, so when it comes to affordable couples costumes, they're a good place to start.



Rasta Imposta Crayola, $16+, Amazon

You'll have to buy two in order to put together a couples costume, but this crayon costume is the perfect get-up for a creative couple. You have several colors to choose from and, if you don't want to both be crayons, there's also a box of crayons costume, which still fits the theme.


Hot Dog & Bun

Hot Dog and Bun Adult Couples Costume, $33, Amazon

No one will doubt that the two of you are together in these hot dog and bun costumes and for only a bit over $30 for both, it makes for a pretty affordable Halloween costume.


Bacon & Eggs

Rasta Imposta Bacon & Eggs Couples Costume, $30, Amazon

This bacon and eggs costume — which includes both costumes — is a pretty cheap price for Halloween costumes when you consider that each costume is essentially $15. Who doesn't like bacon and eggs? Plus, you can wear anything you'd like underneath, which means comfort and affordability.


Peanut Butter & Jelly

FunWorld Peanut Butter and Jelly Set, $23, Amazon

What goes together better than peanut butter and jelly? Not much, except for maybe you and your partner (duh). Embrace that by dressing up as the classic lunch combo this Halloween. Plus, you'll be able to wear this costume for any occasion that requires one, meaning it's even more cost-effective than it appears at first glance — and it's pretty affordable at first glance.


Plug & Socket

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume, $27, Amazon

Looking for a somewhat more out-of-the-box couples costume this year? This plug and socket costume might fit the bill. Not only is it affordable, but you're quite likely to be the only couple wearing it.


Chuckie & Angelica

Adult Angelica & Chuckie Couples Costumes, $40 & $37, Party City

So these aren't the cheapest costumes on the list, but they're still fairly affordable. Plus, if you grew up watching the Rugrats, what better couples costume is there than Chuckie and Angelica? None — there's none better.


Spartan Cheerleaders

SNL Spartan Cheerleaders Couples Costume, $25 each, Party City

The Spartan Cheerleaders sketch just might be one of Saturday Night Live's most famous to date. Make everyone at your Halloween party laugh when you and your partner show up dressed as the iconic cheerleading duo.



Sneaker Adult Costume, $36, Amazon

For the always-in-their-sneakers couple, there is no better costume than this one. Plus, given that they'll be dressed exactly like you, it'll be awfully hard to lose your partner among the masses. Put on some comfortable pants and, of course, your sneakers to finish off the outfit. You're Halloween-ready.

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