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8 Clever Halloween Costumes For Brothers So They Can Get All The Treats

One of the greatest things about Halloween is having the chance to do something as a family. We all know the phase of being able to dress our kids as we please doesn't last long, so you might as well take advantage of it, right? As a self-proclaimed Halloween lover, and mom of two boys, I'm all about awesome, clever Halloween costumes for brothers, and I plan to ride that wave as long as I can. The planning behind coordinated costumes satisfies your creative ego, and more importantly, your boys will look both clever and cute on the big night.

Most of these costumes are great on their own, but adding in a brother really takes it to the next level. Just like your boys, these characters really rely on each other — they simply stand better together than they do alone. The costumes featured here range from beloved literary characters, to current cultural phenomena. Some are easier to buy, but in my opinion, any can be DIY with just the right amount of commitment. All are good options for your little ones, and can give you one thing to check off your list as you enter the holiday season.

I'm learning that the most wonderful thing about being a parent to brothers is they way you can see little glimpses of their relationship starting to bloom. Halloween is great way for them to have a little fun together. As an added plus, when they start arguing over that last piece of candy, and you're about ready to pull your hair out, they'll look really adorable.


Charlie Brown & Snoopy

Plain Yellow Shirt, $7, Target | Black Shorts, $5, Target | Snoopy Costume, $24, Walmart

Peanuts is a cult-classic, which makes Charlie Brown and his dear pup, Snoopy, always relevant. Charlie Brown's costume is an easy DIY — some black felt or fabric paint across a plain yellow shirt is really all you need. Add some black shorts — or pants for those in colder weather — and your first kiddo is set. For Charlie Brown's best bud, you'll just need to pop your toddler into a store-bought (and affordable) Snoopy costume and your little boys will be set to steal the show.


Harold & His Purple Crayon

Blue Footed Pajamas, $18, Amazon | Purple Crayon Shirt, $17, Walmart

Harold and the Purple Crayon is one of those awesome books that withstands generations. And the main characters, Harold and his crayon, make for quick, easy, and adorable Halloween costumes, which is a total win for you. Put your younger boy in some blue footed pajamas, and get your older one in a purple crayon costume (like this easy, DIY option from Coupon Closet) or a purple crayon shirt and your literary duo is ready to go.


Max & His Wild Thing

Courtesy of Ojus Patel

Where The Wild Things Are Costume, $40, Halloween Costumes | Orange Rugby Striped Shirt, $12, Kohls | Wild Things Hat, $12, Amazon | Baby Max Costume, $25, Halloween Costumes | White Footed Pajama, $18, Walmart | Gold Crown, $4, Target

Everyone adores this beloved storybook, and what greater costume for brothers than Max and the Wild Thing who loves him? Though there are DIY and store-bought options for both, I opted to make the Wild Thing costume, and buy Max. The orange, rugby-striped shirt pretty much makes the Wild Thing's outfit and you can opt to make or buy a Wild Thing hat. Put your other boy in an adorable, fuzzy Max outfit or a white, footed onesie with an added gold crown. Then, try not to take 1,000 photos. (It's impossible.)


Hipster & Avocado Toast

Cuffed Pants, $17, Target | Button Down Shirt, $15, Target | Black Framed Glasses, $7, Amazon | Fedora, $8, Amazon

What could be more on trend than hipsters and avocado toast? DIY the avocado toast costume, like this one in Parents, and dress your other kiddo in some cuffed pants a button-down shirt with rolled sleeves, and add thick, black-framed glasses and a fedora as your hipster-approved accessories.


Zach Morris & AC Slater

Acid Wash Jeans, $25, Old Navy | Neon Shirt, $13, Amazon

This best frenemy duo from Saved By The Bell makes for a perfect costume choice for your little boys. Better yet, the DIY effort is minimal (read: none), and basically, there's nothing cuter than kids in acid-wash jeans and neon shirts.



Dragon Wings, $15, Target

I have yet to meet a little kid who wasn't fascinated by dragons, and due to the popularity of Game of Thrones, dragons are the thing right now. Dress your duo in some adorable bright outfits with the perfect set of dragon wings to make a statement. (Plus they'll use the wings all year long.) If you're feeling ambitious, make yourself a "Mother of Dragons" shirt, and check your costume off the list, too.


Superman & Lex Luthor

Superman Pajamas, $20, Gap | Black Suit, $27, Amazon

Superheroes and their villainous counterparts are typically not as popular of an option as superheroes and their sidekicks, but I'm not sure why that is. There many ways to go when you're considering a comic book duo, but Superman and Lex is an easy one. Superman pajamas and red capes are not hard to find (and easy to DIY), and your baby can be a Lex Luthor replica in a black suit.


Frida & Dali

Plain White T-Shirt, $8, Old Navy | Black Pants, $9, Old Navy | Flower Crown, $15, Claire's

This might be an unconventional choice for brothers, but hey, when you have two boys, sometimes you just have to go with it. Both Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali's most recognizable features are on their faces, and can be drawn in with face paint or makeup. You'll just need a Frida makeup tutorial and a Dali makeup tutorial. Their outfits can be almost anything, but plain white t-shirts and black pants would pull together the artist look quickly. Since my younger boy has long hair, I'd probably throw it up in a top knot, and add a flower crown to really replicate Frida's signature look.


Ice Cream & Sprinkles

Ice Cream Costume, $30, Amazon

Let's face it, no duo goes together better (or is tastier) than ice cream and sprinkles. A sprinkles costume can be as easy as a onesie and hat combo with bright, colorful polka dots, but, if you're super creative, this sprinkles costume tutorial from Oh Happy Day is nothing short of amazing.

The ice cream costume can also be DIY, like this one, by Hello, Wonderful, but if you're like me and can't handle more than one DIY project at a time, there's a cute ice cream costume you can buy, too.

One thing's for sure, your little boys will have a blast on Halloween, and with their adorable costumes, they'll be the stars of the night.

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