8 Cute Graduation Gifts For Preschoolers & Their Big Day

So your preschooler is graduating (insert clapping and crying emojis here) and you want to celebrate, huh? I mean, the truth is every milestone is exciting, and this one is no exception. After all, on the eve of our daughter's birthday my husband and I found ourselves toasting to the fact that we had somehow managed to pull of parenting for an entire year. Go us. That's why snagging a little something for your kindergarten-bound kiddo makes total sense and these cute graduation gifts for preschoolers can help you do just that.

Whether you are looking for a t-shirt that details their preschool memories, a keepsake charm bracelet, books that prep them for kindergarten, or a gift for the whole class, you are bound to find something in this list that will put a grin on your preschooler's face. A couple of them even help them learn which, in my book, is a win-win kind of gift.

But, perhaps, most important on the preschool graduation day list is taking it all in. After all, these little occasions can stack up to big memories that will have you smiling for years to come. Oh, and grab the tissues. Because tears are bound to happen, right?


A Fast Facts T-Shirt To Capture Preschool Life

Last Day Of Preschool T-Shirt, $23, Etsy

Customize this sweet t-shirt with your child's age and name for them to wear on their last day at preschool. You can choose from short and long sleeved options, and the getthepartystarted Etsy store also has several color options.


A Gift That Lasts Through The Years

Oh, The Places You'll Go!, $12, Barnes & Noble

The truth is, this book makes a great gift whether your child is graduating from preschool or college. After all, the content shares a timeless message of perseverance in the midst of the ups and downs that come at anyone throughout life. "KID, YOU'LL MOVE MOUNTAINS!"


A Charm Bracelet With Special Memories

Preschool Graduation Charm Bracelet, $25, Etsy

My goodness how sweet is this charm bracelet? Complete with backpack, school bus, crayons, and book charms, as well as fancy flowers and jewels interspersed throughout, it's bound to thrill a preschooler in your life.


Something That Helps With Kindergarten Prep

Big Kindergarten Workbook, $10, Amazon

I know that they are just about to leave preschool behind them, but why not snag them a gift that can help prepare them for kindergarten? Even of they only do an activity or two every few days over the summer, it might help them if they know what to expect.


A Super Cute Hair Bow

Hair bow, $4, Etsy

I'm not going to lie, I might be more excited by this one than your preschooler, but can you really pass up a pencil-adorned bow for her big day?


A Book With A Bit Of Insight

Kindergarten, Here I Come!, $4, Amazon

If you learned anything about preschool, it's that preparation was key to helping your little one adjust, right? Give them this book not only as a celebration, but as a tool for getting them acquainted with their next adventure.


An Interactive Gift That Helps Them Learn

LeapStart Kindergarten & 1st Grade, $39, Amazon

A gift that looks and smells like a toy, but helps them learn? Where do you sign, right? Get this LeapStart Kindergarten & 1st Grade system for your little one and watch them get excited about their future school experiences.


A Gift For The Whole Class

Graduation Lip Balm 5-pack, $11, Etsy

If you're springing for a small token gift for the whole class, then this customizable lip balm is where it's at. Choose from five flavors, multiple designs, and what you want to be included on each label for a cute gift your little one can hand out to their classmates.

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