8 DIY Couple Costumes For Halloween To Perfect With Your SO

Halloween has become that time of year where all your couple friends must prove that they are the cutest, wittiest couple. No matter how independent they are from each other, this is the one time where partners and SOs get to tag team and put everyone else's costume to shame. And honestly, it's not hard. There are so many creative DIY couple costumes for Halloween out there that it won't take much to find a killer costume.

When choosing a Halloween costume, you want something that everyone will be able to recognize. A costume that not only wins the night, but is also in some way funny, and ironic. So why not choose a famous couple? Everyone loves famous people, whether they want to admit it or not. You can choose a classic couple like John Lennon and Yoko Ono, or if you want a more topical couple, try Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. If you are looking for a pair that works but blew everyone's mind, try the beautiful Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden. Whichever couple you choose, you want one that represents your relationship. A couple where people see you and say, "That's so you two." Here is a list of some famous couples that will definitely be a hit at any Halloween party.


Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

How can we forget the 2001 MTV Music awards? I believe it was one of the first times Britney and Justin walked the red carpet together, and boy they did not disappoint. It's 17 years later, and these denim on denim matching outfits are still memorable. Enough time has passed that it's now nostalgic, and would make a great hit at any Halloween party.

For Britney, a denim patch dress ($288, Farfetch) is a must for this look or snag this much more affordable version ($35, Forever 21). Add a big necklace ($34, Very), which you can find pretty much anywhere. Britney rocks a nude lip, and Mac has a perfect color ($22, Hudson Bay) that will help pull this look together.

For Justin, accessories really are going to make this look. JT sports a cross necklace ($30, Saks Fifth Avenue) and some hot aviators ($11, zeroUV). Of course, you will also need a denim jacket ($34, Gap Factory) and some tight patch jeans ($54, Top Man) to really complete this look.


Prince William & Kate Middleton

Even though this pair is overseas, Kate and Wills are definitely some of America's favorite sweethearts. Vanity Fair even gives readers a bunch of different ways to pull off Kate's look.

To dress up as the Duchess of Cambridge, all you need is a dark blue dress ($26, Amazon), some black heels ($14, Pretty Little Thing), and of course a knock-off of Princess Diana's engagement ring ($30, Bling Jewelry).

For the future King of England, all you need is a fitted navy suit ($100, Kohl's) and a purple tie ($41, Lord and Taylor).


Lucy & Desi

Everyone's hearts will melt when they see this couple. I mean, come on, who doesn't love Lucy?

To pull off Lucy's look, you'll need a '50s style dress ($52, Lindy Bop) and some Mary Janes ($20, Zulily). If you want, add an apron ($10, Walmart) and of course that famous red hair.

Guys have it so easy, so to sing "Babalu," all you really need is a fitted jacket ($71, Asos), a fedora ($25, Gap), and a colorful tie ($39, Macy's). These three things will help master Desi's look.


Kim & Kanye

Kimye is a perfect couple idea. Not only are they a super easy couple to pull off, but they are always in the news so your friends won't have a hard time guessing who you are. Bustle gives readers many options to pull off this couple's look.

To pull off Kim, all you need is a sexy black outfit like this pencil skirt ($18, Amazon) and lace bustier ($15, H&M). You will also need to rock some hoop earrings ($18, Last Call), a choker ($18, Humble Chic), and some black heels ($30, Boo Hoo).

For Kanye's look, you can make this really easy by just shopping at his clothing line, Yeezy. If that's not your style, there are some simple pieces that will help put Kanye's look together. All you will need are some black combat boots ($89, Zappos), joggers ($15, Old Navy), and a leather jacket ($72, Asos).


Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain

Although this was a toxic relationship that didn't end well, this is one of the Seattle grunge scene's most famous couples. Back in 2015, Mark Ballas and his then-girlfriend dressed as the pair for Maxim's Halloween bash. The two proved that this is an easy costume to pull off.

For Courtney, you will need a revealing white dress ($40, Hollister), messy blonde hair topped with a tiara ($27, Overstock), bright lipstick ($21, Macy's), and some leopard shoes ($35, Amazon).

It won't be hard to find Kurt's look either. You will need rockstar sunglasses ($41, Pop Map), a striped T-shirt, ($20, Mango), and a faux fur coat ($70, Milanoo).


Bill & Hillary Clinton

Boy has this couple been through a lot together — and they're still going strong. Both are strong, determined people; why wouldn't you and your SO go as this powerhouse couple? It's super easy to dress like them. All you need is, well, some pantsuits.

If you are going to dress as Hillary, you are going to need pants ($25, H&M) and a suit jacket ($40, Chico's). Any color pantsuit would work, but red, white, or blue may be the way to go. You will also need some white kitten heels ($55, Belk).

Bill is so easy. Just wear a blue suit ($200, Saks Fifth Avenue) and red tie ($20, Kohl's) to pull this look together.


Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Everyone loves Beyoncé, so why not let Jay tag along for the night and channel this power couple with your best bae?

Channel Beyoncé's "Formation" look to get the fiercest get up. You'll need a black off-the-shoulder dress ($32, Asos), a wide brimmed black hat ($40, Walmart), a huge statement necklace ($50, Etsy), and a stack of bangles ($35, Macy's) on each wrist. Put your hair in two braids, throw on some maroon lipstick, and you're set to say, "Boy, bye" all night long.

Jay-Z is pretty easy to pull off, too. All you need is a baseball cap ($25, Nordstrom), a plain white t-shirt ($4, H&M), some fitted jeans ($35, New Chic), white Nikes ($100, Nike), and a little bling ($52, Overstock).


Ellen Degeneres & Portia de Rossi

You can't get much cuter than Ellen and Portia. The pair is even known for stepping out in matching outfits. Ellen takes a more relaxed approach, but Portia is always sexy and glamorous.

Try pulling Portia's look together with a striped trouser ($75, Top Shop), a polo crop top ($5, Amazon), and a cute bootie ($50, Shoe Dazzle).

For Ellen, you want a little more relaxed version of Portia's outfit. Try some white skinny jeans ($15, H&M), a black sweater ($65, Top Shop), and Converse ($45, DSW) to pull this couples' look together.

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