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8 Creative Easter Ideas That Your Whole Family Will Love

Kids will always remember the effort their parents put into making the holiday season bright. For me, the best memories are born of the light touches — red and green tinsel over a fireplace, sparklers at dinner — but while nowhere near as popular as its winter counterpart, there's no reason Easter can't be just as memorable. Here are eight Easter ideas for 2018 — and like I said, the joy is the little things.

First, the basics. What's more fun — or more, well, Easter — than decorating a basketful of hardboiled eggs? Break out the pastels and pearlized paints, or if you're feeling crafty, decorate Easter eggs with an eraser tip dipped in water colors, suggested Better Homes & Gardens. Another cool way to create memorable art out of your hardboiled Faberge eggs is to decorate them with pages from a book cut into strips, according to Stone Gable Blog. For an extra classy touch, wrap them in twine. And if you prefer metallics to pastels, you can spray your eggs in bronze or gold, suggested 79 Ideas. I also love the DIY gold leaf eggs featured on A Little Craft In Your Day.

Truly, Easter options are endless, limited only by your creativity. And you don't have to spend a lot of money, either. Case in point: Beyoncé was recently spotted buying packs of $5 dollar plastic Easter eggs at Target, according to Good Housekeeping, further proving that every mom, no matter her income bracket or star power, is head over heels in love with Target. If you're the crafting type, there's also plenty of DIY Easter decor you can make yourself. For the cooks, there's food. And for parents with toddlers, finger paints and games. Happy Easter, everyone.


The April Fools' Egg Hunt

This year, Easter falls on April Fools' Day, and I'm certain hilarity will ensue. Country Living suggested stuffing your plastic eggs with fake hundred dollar bills for a child-friendly prank, and Knox News touted the idea of super gluing plastic eggs so they won't actually open, or stuffing an Easter basket full of healthy veggies. Just make sure you've got the real Easter prizes hidden somewhere.


Calorie-Burning Fun

Instead of stashing sugary treats in those Easter eggs, why not make Easter an active event? Country Living suggested tucking little instructions into the eggs telling lucky scavengers to hop three times, for instance, or make a funny animal sound. What better way to burn off the chocolate-bunny energy? Adults can get in on the fun, too.


Have An Egg Race

For Easter parties, consider Beau-Coup's recommendation for a White-House inspired egg-rolling race. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you make an egg track and let players roll their eggs down the lanes in a light-hearted race. This game goes especially well with Bloody Marys as prizes.


Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Hunt

If you really want to shake things up, bring the egg hunt inside (or try it at twilight) and hide glow-in-the-dark eggs throughout a darkened house. Growing A Jeweled Rose recommended sticking a small LED light inside large plastic Easter eggs, and giving the kids glow-in-the-dark bracelets to wear.


Blackboard Eggs

Reader's Digest is disrupting the whole egg-decorating space with this idea for chalkboard Easter eggs on which you can scrawl chalk messages to your loved ones. The idea, originally from Oleander and Palm, is to cover papier maché eggs in black chalkboard paint and use chalk to draw designs or write a few words. You can even wash the eggs to re-use.


Desserts & More Desserts

Who wouldn't want to host an Easter Baking Exchange? I mean, tell me, who? Better Homes & Gardens suggested inviting your friends — and their delicious, chocolate recipes. If you're into this, send a bunny-themed invitation with instructions ASAP, so your friends have time to put their best cakes forward.


Decorate On The Day

Here's my biggest problem with Easter — you have to remember to decorate the eggs in advance if you're planning on hiding them. If egg hunts aren't for you though, why not make your Easter party all about the decorating? Buy an egg kit and break out your craft supplies (plus wine, of course), and the sky's the limit.


Have An Egg Walk

This just might be the easiest party game in the universe. Pile eggs on plates and have an egg walk for the kids, recommended Playtivities. Surprisingly simple, surprisingly fun. Winner gets a chocolate bunny.

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