8 Easy Halloween Face Paint Ideas For Kids That Don't Even Need Costumes

It's fall, and Halloween is in the air. You may have already picked out your family's costumes, or you may be perusing the internet for inspiration. There are tons of fun costume ideas out there (thanks to Pinterest) and they range from store bought to completely DIY, but if you have a little one who just loves face paint, you may want to find some easy Halloween face paint ideas for kids this year. Face painting can set apart any costume, and kids usually get a kick out of the total transformation. If you're concerned about the safety of face paints, there are a few kid-safe options, like Go Green Face Paints and The Colorful Art Company, along with some easy homemade face paint recipes on blogs like Mommypotamus.

You may be hesitant about your face painting skills or worried that your kid won't sit through an extensive face painting session, but don't worry. Because there are plenty of easy options, you'll be able to choose the perfect Halloween face paint idea for your kid that requires very little effort and time. If you can't spring for a full Wonder Woman get-up, you can go for Wonder Woman face paint. Maybe your child isn't crazy about dressing up, but really wants to be Hello Kitty for Halloween. No matter what their heart desires, these eight easy Halloween face paint ideas can help.


Wonder Woman

With the huge success of the Wonder Woman movie this year, and the upcoming Justice League movie, Wonder Woman costumes are super popular this Halloween. This adorable look from Jessica Rose is easy, looks amazing, and will have your little one feeling like an Amazonian hero in no time.

All you need is a foundation ($11, Walmart), a face powder ($9, Amazon), blush ($5, Amazon), bronzer ($5, Walmart), a kid’s face paint palette with different colors ($9, Amazon), gold eye shadow ($1, Walmart) and a pretty red lipstick ($3, Walmart).



If your kids are looking for a roaring good time this Halloween, you can try this amazing tiger face paint tutorial from Videojug. This is a great option for both boys and girls, and all you really need is a makeup sponge ($4, Amazon), and a multi-color face paint kit ($9, Target).



If your little caterpillar wants to transform into a beautiful butterfly this Halloween, you can get some inspiration from this butterfly face painting tutorial by FacePaintcom. All you need is a face paint palette ($21, Amazon) that has colors like blue, purple, white, and black.



If your kid is ready to trick-or-treat while fighting off some Goombas, you can easily pull off this great Mario look by Marvelous Masks. It's sure to level up your kid's costume this year, and the best part is that it's really simple to do. You only need a makeup applicator brush ($3, Amazon) and red, black, and white face paint ($6, Amazon).


Hello Kitty

Really easy and truly adorable, this Hello Kitty face painting tutorial from Olga's Face & Body Art is sure to make your little kitty happy. All you need is a face paint palette with white, pink, and black ($7, Amazon), and a yellow face paint for the nose ($5, Amazon).



While it may seem complicated, this cool Spider-man face painting tutorial from iVillage is pretty easy to follow, and will have your kid feeling like they can climb walls and swing from tall buildings. You need just three basic colors of face paint — red, black, and white — which you can find in this Snazaroo pirate palette ($6, Amazon).



Boys and girls alike are in awe of superheroes, and there is no cooler hero than Batman. The coolest part about Batman face paint is that with a pair of black pants and a black shirt, your kid's costume can be complete.

This Batman face paint tutorial from Facepainting by Snowqueen is easy to do, and all you need is black face paint ($6, Amazon) and a makeup application brush ($4, Amazon).



For little kids and older kids alike, a classic Halloween costume is the adorable ladybug. This ladybug face painting tutorial from Liliababy100 is sure to put a big smile on your little one's face.

All you'll need is red face paint ($5, Amazon), black face paint ($5, Amazon), and a round sponge paint brush ($2, Amazon) for the circles.

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