8 Emoji Face Paint Tutorials To Really Express Yourself This Halloween

With texting being one of the most significant ways we communicate with one another, why not transform yourself into an Emoji this Halloween. My guess is these yellow expressions are going to be one of the most popular costumes of 2017. Not only is this a great way to express to everyone how you feel, but its super easy to achieve too. Emojis are the perfect instant DIY costumes, so no need to do much planning on your end, and if you are anything like me, this is the perfect Halloween costume.

There are only a few steps you will need to do to master one of these Emoji looks.

Step One: Start off with a fresh, clean face. Then add a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. The moisturizer will act as a base, keeping the face paint on longer, and protecting your skin too.

Step Two: Use a makeup brush or sponge to slop on that yellow water-based body paint. You can paint it all over, covering your entire face or create a circle outline on your pretty face, and then fill it in.

Step Three: Pick the Emoji face you want to create. If you wish to paint heart eyes, stencil a heart outline with an eyeliner pen. Then color it in with some red water-based body paint. You can also use these general steps to create tears on your face.

Step Four: You are now a real life Emoji. That was so easy.

Now that's just my simple step-by-step transformation. If you are looking for a more advanced approach check out one of these Emoji tutorials below.


Laughing Tears Emoji

Joey Graceffa brings you a super fierce tutorial on how to create the laughing-with-tears emoji. The pair makes such a funny duo, they had me laughing out loud.


Naughty Emoji

If you are looking for an Emoji-inspired design that's not going to cover your entire face, FacePainForum has a "naughty emoji" tutorial that only covers your forehead.


Cute Emojis

Made By Mommy transforms her children into a cute heart eyes Emoji and a fun winking face Emoji. Her silly kids give commentary throughout this tutorial making it one of the most adorable Emoji face painting videos on the internet.


Every Type Of Emoji

Madeyewlook always has the best makeup tutorials. If you are looking for a more simple yet professional look, this is the tutorial to follow. She takes you through over five looks — so many that I lost count.


Fun Rainbow Emojis

This is the perfect tutorial for those with some painting skills. Here is another video that won't cover the whole face, which makes for an easy cleanup. Silly Heather teaches you how to create an Emoji wonderland on your face featuring a bunch of different Emojis including the poop Emoji (which we all wanted to see) using stencils and thin brushes.


Emoji Mask

Here is another perfect video for a half face Emoji. Lisajoyyoung walks you through this colorful Emoji mask which is so fun, you shouldn't wait for Halloween to go Emoji crazy.


Heart Eyes Emoji

This is a great step-by-step tutorial that will get you looking like your favorite emoji in no time. Stylecaster Beauty on Youtube shows you how to transform Into the perfect heart eyes Emoji.


Crying Laughing Emoji

The SmellyBellyTV channel on Youtube is hosted by two young girls who are funny, full of energy, and teach fun makeup tutorials, like these laughing crying and sad crying Emoji faces. As an almost thirty-year-old woman, I am very impressed with their makeup skills.

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