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8 Fun Facts About The Adorable Winning Breed Of Westminster's Best In Show

Do you want to know what I love in a dog? Kind eyes and a pretend beard. It's tougher to find than you think and requires a lot of bending and staring. But it seems I need look no further when considering the kind of dog I would ultimately love and worship. In fact, here are some interesting facts about wire fox terriers, the breed who won Westminster's Best In Show and probably my new best friend.

The Westminster Kennel Club has been around since 1877, and it's annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the oldest of its kind in the country. During a series of competitions, purebred dogs are judged in a variety of classes like obedience and agility before being moved along to the Best In Breed.

From there, the dogs (this year saw more than 3,000 dogs from around the world, according to Bloomberg), the dogs compete for Best In Show. And this year, according to The New York Times, King the wire fox terrier beat out all the other dogs by being amazing.

Although I'm sure the other dogs were amazing too, I wish they could all be winners. But they can't, unfortunately, so King is the... well, the king of all dogs for 2019. Now let's learn a little about his kind, because wire fox terriers have been winning it at the WKC. In fact, according to NBC News, a wire fox terrier has been picked for Best In Show 15 times.

An Independent Spirit

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All of that obedience and rule following might well have been hard on King since wire fox terriers are known to have an independent streak, according to Pet Guide. He must have a good relationship with his handler Gabriel Rangel.

Outdoorsy Type

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The wire fox terrier really prefers being outside, according to Fox Terrier Rescue, perhaps because they have a history as hunting dogs. But because of that independent streak, they need to be in a secure yard or on a leash because they have a tendency to take off.

They're Vacuum Friendly

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You can go ahead and retire that vacuum, because these guys don't shed a lot, according to the American Kennel Association. Their white, wiry coat won't end up all over your floor, and now I love them 30 percent more.

They're Here For A Long Time

Nobody wants to think of their dog dying, but the good news is that the wire fox terrier tends to have a long life expectancy, according to Dog Time, generally living for 13 to 14 years.

No He Won't Back Down

Perhaps because of their history as a hunting dog, wire fox terriers are not afraid of other animals and generally won't back down from a challenge, according to the AKC. Which should make the dog park extra exciting, right?

Some Dog To Watch Over You

There's one benefit to the wire fox terrier's courage; as noted by Your Purebred Puppy, they make excellent watch dogs. They are intelligent with keen vision and will quickly let you know if anything is wrong.

Everyone's A Comedian

The AKC also notes that wire fox terriers are "natural comedians" but I might need to hear them do a few riffs before I'm willing to agree.

Get Ready For Your Workout

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Because, as Your Purebred Puppy pointed out, the wire fox terrier needs loads of exercise. They have a pile of energy and they're too independent to be left to run on their own. So if you are trying to get into an exercise routine and are thinking of a new dog, I think I just found your perfect solution.