8 Super Cute Holiday Outfits For Your Cat, Because You Just Can't Help Yourself

There's something about this time of year that makes us want to put on colorful party clothes spangled with sequins, even if we normally never don anything but yoga pants and hoodies. It just wouldn't be the Chrismukkah-and-more season without festive clothing for parties, family dinners, and photo shoots for the card. So while you're shopping for everyone's holiday wear, don't forget to pick up a holiday outfit for your cat while you're at it.

According to the most recent survey from the American Pet Products Association, an impressive 67 percent of cat owners have bought gifts for their fur babies, with 38 percent shopping at Christmas and another 1 percent for Hanukkah. Another survey, from the Harris Poll, found that 22 percent of pet owners dress their animals at least occasionally, with 19 percent of cat owners declaring that they dress up their fluffs.

Do cats need holiday clothing? Of course not. Do they tolerate our attempts to put a hat or sweater on? Most of the time, though you might not get them to wear it for more than a few minutes. (Hopefully, your kitty is more the mellow Grumpy Cat type than the snarling jungle tiger type.) Are you going to dress up your cat? Even if you haven't done so in the past, once you see what's out there, you might make this the year you turn your cat into a feline style icon.

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