8 Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About 'Little People, Big World's Jeremy Roloff

As fans of TLC's Little People, Big World know, Jeremy Roloff is a country man — having been raised on a farm — a creative soul, and a bit of a romantic for his wife Audrey and baby girl Ember. What all that amounts to is someone who is hard to define, but not hard to admire. But these fun facts about Jeremy Roloff will give you a better idea about who exactly he is and might even surprise some of his biggest fans.

Jeremy grew up on camera alongside his siblings on the TLC show Little People, Big World. He's the fraternal twin of Zach, who along with his parents are the family's little people. Jeremy, his sister Molly, and his brother Jacob are all of average height.

In 2014, Jeremy married his now-wife Audrey Botti, according to Us Weekly, and shortly after they tied the knot, the couple moved to Los Angeles for work. They soon returned to Oregon — Rock Creek, specifically — though to be closer to family and now live just two miles from Zach and his wife, Tori, according to the Daily Mail, and about 30 minutes from the Roloff family farm.

But here are just a few things you may not have picked up on while watching Jeremy grow up on camera.

1. He's Co-founder Of A Marriage Outreach

Jeremy and his wife Audrey have never been shy about speaking up about their Christian faith on the show. Together they have founded a marriage outreach called Beating 50 Percent to help couples establish what they call "covenant marriages" which are "undividedly devoted, completely committed, persistently selfless, value-centered, joy-filled, and love-based", according to their website. The name for the organization is taken from the idea that couples need to give more than 50 percent effort to their marriage in order to be successful.

2. He's A Professional Photographer

According to In Touch Weekly, Jeremy is a professional photographer who shoots everything from weddings to scenery and lots and lots of adorable photos of his baby girl, Ember.

3. He Slept Outside While Growing Up On The Farm

Jeremy's social media features so many photos of the outdoors and the country that it's obvious he loves that lifestyle. On the website for Beating 50 Percent, there is a list of fast facts including the tidbit that he used to sleep under the stars next to a campfire when he was growing up on the Roloff's Oregon farm. It reads, "Slept outside on the ground by his campfire pit every night while growing up on the farm."

4. He Met His Wife On A Blind Date

On Audrey's blog, she tells the story of how they met. According to the post, they were set up by mutual friends on a blind date that took place before they went to church one day. They didn't immediately click romantically, but became friends, until Jeremy finally asked her to be his girlfriend. They managed to maintain a two-year long distance friendship and a 3-year long distance dating relationship, according to Audrey's post.

5. He Was Introduced To His Faith Through Billy Graham

When evangelist Billy Graham died, Jeremy posted on his Instagram that he first came to know his faith when he attended a Billy Graham event in Portland at about 8 years old. He said it took another decade for that seed to take root and turn into a real commitment in his life, but Graham clearly played an important role in his life as a young man. He wrote:

I remember clinging to the words he spoke with curiosity and wonder. Something deep in me wanting it to be true - it took a decade until I realized it was.

6. He Still Has The Car He Got His Driver's License In

Jeremy posted a photo showing a photo shoot he did with a group of girls and commented on a truck they are posed on that he calls "old Bertha". "It's fun driving around the car you got your license with," he wrote in the caption.

7. He's Wanted A Motorcycle — & Audrey Helped Him Get One

On her blog, Audrey tells a sweet story of wanting to find a great surprise for his birthday. She knew he'd wanted a motorcycle, and enlisted the help of some of his motorcycle-loving friends. As she shared on her blog, she was able to locate just the model he'd been wanting, buy it, and stage it in a barn on her in-laws farm in order to surprise Jeremy on his birthday.

8. He Turns His Phone Off For A Whole Day

For someone so involved in social media, it seems like this would be a hard thing to do. But the young couple likes to make New Year's resolutions together, according to their blog, and one of them involves being more present for one another. In addition to finding ways to keep the Sabbath, one of the resolutions they made was to turn off their phones altogether from sundown Saturday until sundown Sunday. Audrey wrote:

It means if you want to contact us on Sunday’s, well I guess you’ll have to come knock on our door. And believe it or not our friends in Bend actually did this last week;) It was a fun surprise and felt so genuine.

Now that Jeremy has started his own family, it will be exciting to watch this young man take on the big world on his own terms.

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