Zach Roloff Quotes About His Siblings

Zach Roloff of TLC's Little People, Big World is busy being a new father these days. He and wife Tori Roloff just welcomed son Jackson two weeks ago, and naturally life will revolve around the baby for the foreseeable future. But there was a time, not so very long ago, when we were watching Zach Roloff and his siblings grow up before our very eyes. When his world revolved around his parents and his family, and parenting was far off in the distant future.

Zach Roloff and his siblings, twin brother Jeremy, sister Molly and youngest brother Jacob, were raised in front of the camera by their parents Amy and Matt Roloff for Little People, Big World. The show followed Amy and Matt, both little people, as they managed to navigate the "big world" of parenting. Zach was their only child born with dwarfism, while the other three siblings were not. How did this affect Zach, particularly when his fraternal twin brother Jeremy was "regular" height? According to Zach's quotes about his twin brother, the two grew up feeling close and bonded despite the disparity in their size. In fact, both brothers married within a year of each other (Jeremy Roloff married wife Audrey in 2014, while Zach married Tori in 2015. Despite their changing roles as grown men, the two are clearly still there for each other.

Zach on Jeremy

When news surfaced that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff were expecting their first baby (a girl, due in September), Zach shared this sweet pic of the twins as five-year-old boys heading out for a picnic with the caption:

22 years later and still embarking on new adventures together. Hopefully our kids are this hardcore about picnic time. Congrats to Jer and Auj on their baby news! Super stoked to be a Uncle this year!

Zach on Molly

Not all of the Roloff kids have enjoyed staying in the spotlight, and Zach seems to try to be respectful of their choices. But when 23-year-old Molly got engaged in December to longtime boyfriend Joel Silvius, Zach couldn't help posting a pic of the normally super private Molly with his dog Sully and the sweet caption:

Dropping some knowledge tonight! My sister is engaged and sully is super stoked! So am I! Just yesterday I was driving this girl to her freshman year winter formal.

Zach on Jacob

Jacob Roloff is the baby of the family. And he's reportedly not interested in being on camera any longer (18-year-old Jacob left the show and has no plans of returning). While gossip columns attempted to spin Jacob's departure into a story of Roloff family strife, his older brother Zach took to Instagram to make it clear he supported Jacob's decision to live his own life. He shared a picture of Jacob with his girlfriend Isabel, in their truck outfitted for a camping tour of the Pacific Northwest. And he captioned the photo:

So my brother Jacob outfitted his truck with his girlfriend Isabel for the road trip of a life time. Super jealous of them! Tori and me loved our road trips together and can't wait to take our boy on one!

Zach Roloff is embarking on a new adventure as a father these days. But that doesn't mean he isn't still happy to play a role he's been perfecting for years; supportive brother to his three siblings.