8 Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities For Kids That Adults Will Love, Too

Saint Patrick's Day is March 17, and if you're like me, you've probably had a love-hate relationship with it. From drinking Guinness for breakfast in my 20s to sidestepping drunken frat boys on my way home from work in my 30s, the holiday has certainly had it's high and low points. But now, as a mama, I've come to love it all over again, but for totally different reasons. Now St. Paddy's is a day to act silly, drink Shamrock Shakes and wear wacky outfits. Here are 8 St. Patrick's Day activities for kids and the kids at heart!

I'd be remiss not to mention that St. Patrick's day stands for more than just green foods, green beads, and leprechaun jokes. It is a celebration of Irish culture, and for those with Irish roots, it's a great chance to teach your kids about your heritage. One of my favorite St. Paddy's Day ever was spent in an old-school Irish bar in South Boston, or Southie, and not a hint of green could be found. Rather, everyone wore white wool sweaters, or Aran knits, a traditional Irish look.

So whether you want to teach your kids about an authentically Irish holiday, or just want to have an excuse to celebrate something, anything, after this long, cold winter, we've got 8 fun ideas for you and your kids to do this St. Paddy's Day.


Start Your Day with Lucky Charms

What's not to love about this childhood classic? There's a reason the brand's tagline is: The Most Magical Part of Your Day!

And it turns out that there's some pretty big news coming out of the land of Lucky Charms. For the first time in a decade, they've added a new permanent marshmallow, according to the cereal's official site: the magical unicorn.


Get Your Arts & Crafts On!

There are so many fun St. Paddy's Day art projects you can do with your kids. From pots of gold to lucky clover pins, this is a great time to break out the glitter, paint, and pipe cleaners, and get creative.


Play Dress Up

Go to your local Goodwill and stock up on all things green. Your kids will love to pick out funky old clothes and wear them to school for laughs.

If you have a family pet, include them in the action. There's really nothing cuter than a cat or dog in a leprechaun hat!


Get a Shamrock Shake

In general, I try to steer clear of fast food, but when it comes to McDonald's Shamrock Shakes, my rules go right out the window. What do they put in there that makes them so freaking good?!

The minty shake, a cult-like item for many, made its return to select McDonalds on February 21, according to Forbes. You'll definitely want to get your fix before they stop selling them.


Go to a Parade

For those looking to show their children some traditional Irish culture, there's no better place than a big parade, like the ones in New York, Boston, and Chicago. There's nothing like the sound of bagpipes to get you in an Irish state of mind.


Hunt for 4-Leaf Clovers

This activity is a great excuse to get outside with your kids and play in the grass. Plus there's something magical about the hunt.

But, if your kids are on the younger side and the thought of them melting down if they don't actually find a four-leaf clover has you worried, there's a way to guarantee they find something lucky. Follow these steps to make four-leaf clover stones and nestle them in the grass when your little ones aren't looking.


Make a Leprechaun Trap

If your the kind of mom who's really into putting out cookies and milk for Santa, then you'll love this fun game, too. Convince your little ones that they might just catch a real-life leprechaun on St. Paddy's Day!

Pinterest has all kinds of clever leprechaun trap ideas, but here's a quick one from Babble that involves a shoe box, stickers, and skittles.


Have Corned Beef and Cabbage for Dinner

What's more Irish than corned beef and cabbage? To make a healthy, kid-friendly version, try this recipe.

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