14 Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts Kids & Parents Will Love, Because They're Actually Doable

If you're a crafty kind of mom (or just a mom who's always in search of ways to keep her kids occupied that don't involve screens or batteries), the holidays are always a perfect excuse to get out the art supplies — and St. Patrick's Day is no different! You don't have to be Irish to get in on the action, either (though it does help if you like the color green). So what are some easy St. Patrick's Day decorations that kids can make?

Whether your little one is already savvy in the ways of construction paper, scissors and glue or still needs a little help in those areas, these are all projects that kids can either create on their own or with just a bit of adult supervision. (Because, let's face it, doesn't every waking moment of their lives require adult supervision? Sigh.) Either way, your family will definitely get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit making these adorable crafts. Who knows? Once your house is filled with shamrocks, rainbows, and leprechaun hats, you might even be inspired to throw a St. Paddy's Day bash!

May the luck of the Irish be with you as you cut, paste, and bedazzle!

1. Leprechaun House

30 Minute Crafts

What makes this charming little Leprechaun House from 30 Minute Crafts easy for little ones is that it's really a pre-made plywood birdhouse with the perch sawed off (okay, moms should probably do that part), so there's no construction required. All it needs is a few coats of green paint and some glitter (you can even use stencils if you're fancy).

2. Shamrock Banner

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Super simple but so festive, this Shamrock Banner from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs only requires a few supplies: scrapbook paper, glitter shamrocks (sold at most craft stores this time of year), and yarn. Well, and scissors and glue. But still, seriously simple! If you don't want to buy pre-made sparkly shamrocks, create your own with some construction paper and green glitter.

3. Rainbow Cloud Place Settings

Handmade Charlotte

Who needs gold? These Rainbow Cloud Place Settings from Handmade Charlotte can be used to hold utensils, "gold" (chocolate) coins, or whatever else you happen to be serving at your St. Patrick's Day party (and what a novel use for false eyelashes!).

4. St. Patrick's Day Clover Suncatchers

Pink Stripey Socks

Perfect if you happen to have a patch of clover growing in the backyard, this Clover Sun Catcher from Pink Stripey Socks comes together easily with pressed clovers, clear contact paper and whatever other art supplies you happen to have hanging around. Easy for even the smallest hands!

5. Pots of Gold

Studio DIY

Decorations that double as party favors (or party favors that double as decorations, depending on how you look at it), these Fringey Pots of Gold from Studio DIY are just squares of gold mylar that can be filled with candy, coins, or whatever else you consider a "treasure."

6. Balloon Shamrock Backdrop

The House That Lars Built

Because kids love, love, love balloons, this Balloon Shamrock Backdrop from The House That Lars Built is sure to be a huge hit (although, full disclosure: You're totally gonna have to help them tie the ends so the air doesn't go out!).

7. St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar Vase

The Impatient Crafter

Since everybody seems to have an abundance of mason jars lying around these days, why not turn one into a festive vase with a little paint and a fun tag? This St. Paddy's Day Mason Jar Vase from The Impatient Crafter features a shamrock, but your kids can be as creative as they want!

8. Shamrock Streamers

Studio DIY

These Shamrock Streamers from Studio DIY might look complicated, but they're actually not hard to make at all for kids who know their way around a pair of safety scissors. And all you need is crepe paper and a stencil!

9. Lucky Charms Wreath

DIY Candy

The hardest part of making this Lucky Charms Wreath from DIY Candy will be reminding your kids not to eat all the marshmallows as they're separating them from the cereal. Bonus: Gluing the marshmallows to the wreath is a task that's sure to keep your little ones busy for a long, long time.

10. Paper Plate Leprechauns

All Kids Network

If this Paper Plate Leprechaun from All Kids Network looks familiar, it's probably because you made something like it back in elementary school art class (probably more than once!). There's a reason why this one is a classic: All you need is a paper plate, markers or paint, glue and construction paper.

11. Confetti Shamrocks

Crystal & Co

A particularly doable option for younger kids, all you need to do to create Crystal & Co's Confetti Shamrocks is to draw a shamrock on some green paper with glue and sprinkle confetti on it (buy it pre-made or make it yourself with a hole puncher)!

12. Leprechaun Hats

Creative Green Living

It's amazing what a little glitter can do, especially when you consider that this sparkly Leprechaun Hat from Creative Green Living started out as a humble can!

13. St. Patrick's Day Pot Of Gold

Pink Stripey Socks

You can't lose with crafts that use stuff you've already got lying around the house! In the case of this St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold from Pink Stripey Socks, the "pot" is an empty toilet paper roll (genius!).

14. Rainbow Mobile

Pink Stripey Socks

Pink Stripey Socks' Rainbow Mobile is a great way to repurpose all the empty cardboard boxes you've been meaning to recycle, and the only other supplies you'll need are paint and string.

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