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8 Hacks To Actually Make Your Wedding Heels Comfortable

It's one of the best days of your life, but your wedding day is also one of the longest days, too. That goes double if you're wearing stunningly gorgeous but excruciatingly uncomfortable heels. If you don't want to spend your reception barefoot (or worse, counting down the minutes until you can go attend to your blisters), you'll definitely want to bookmark these hacks for making your wedding heels comfortable.

The most dependable way to make sure your wedding heels are comfortable, of course, is to just choose an extra comfy pair to begin with — Prevention noted that block heels and kitten heels are almost always much easier on your feet than stilettos. Even that isn't always a guarantee, however, since the problem is just as much about the amount of time spent on your feet as it is about the shoe itself.

Personally, I went with a wedge heel for my wedding and still ended up in a decent amount of pain. I definitely could have used a few of these hacks to save myself some blisters, but for the record, those shoes were beautiful and worth every bit of discomfort.

Beauty does not have to equal pain, however. Follow these six hacks with your wedding heels, and you'll be ready to dance the night away on feet that feel great.


Break Them In

I definitely get the temptation to leave those gorgeous heels in the box so they are absolutely pristine on your wedding day, but that's a recipe for some very sore feet. Make sure you wear them a few times before you walk down the aisle (in 30 minute increments) so any straps aren't too stiff, the soles aren't too slippery, and they stretch out a bit to fit your foot perfectly. If you'd like a little more stretch, Brides suggested breaking in your wedding heels while wearing socks.


Use An Insert

Let's be real. When you're picking the perfect wedding shoe, you're thinking mostly about style and very little about comfort. They'll look so pretty in pics, but a gorgeous pair of stilettos isn't likely to give your foot much support. There are ways to fake it, though. There are different types of insoles and padding you can buy for your shoes to make them more bearable — some even offer extra arch support. It's a matter of finding the best product and fit for your feet and specific shoes.


Use Gel Pads

Short of using an insole insert, you can also address problem areas directly. If the balls of your feet get achey in heels, a product like Ballotte foot cushions ($12, Amazon) could help. They've got tons of great reviews on Amazons from customers who say they made long hours wearing heels way more comfortable.


Wear The Right Size

I've always found that I need to go up a half-size in heels because of the way my foot slides down. If I wore my regular size, my toes would be hanging over the edge, which is not a good look. And I'm not the only one having this issue, apparently. She Knows explained that you may need to go up as much as a shoe size and a half, depending on how high your wedding heels are.


Stick On Some Heel Protectors

Walking on soft or uneven ground is a surefire way to twist an ankle when you're rocking sky high heels (and falling on your butt in front of a hundred wedding guests is every bride's nightmare). To keep your heels from sinking into dirt or sand during an outdoor wedding, you'll want to invest in a pair of heel protectors, according to Mashable. They act as a shield around the bottom of your heel to keep you from sinking. I've had so many heels ruined by grass stains before these things came along.


Tread Carefully

Walking in heels can be a bit of science if it's not something you do every day. Cosmopolitan explained that you need to step in a deliberate heel to toe manner and keep your abs engaged for better posture, which is not a bad tactic to adopt to life in general, especially on your wedding day.


Bust Out The Craft Supplies

To prevent a Cinderella moment, take a page from Jessica Alba's book and attach your foot to your shoe using double-sided tape, according to Glamour. Apparently designer Marc Jacobs also uses a similar crafty approach to keep shoes on the models' feet during his runway shows, the site shared — but instead of tape, he opts for wig glue.


Stock Up On Band-Aids

Whatever you do, bring a box of bandages with you on the night of your wedding. Depending on the type of shoe you're wearing (hello, pointy toes) you could wrap them around your toes and heel to prevent blisters before they appear. And if you're being honest with yourself, you'll likely wind up with one blister or two — even if you're wearing brand new sneakers — so you'll be glad they're near when you need them most.