These Funny Father's Day Gifts From Etsy Include Dad Jokes &, Of Course, Farts

It's not always easy to find just the right gift for dad on Father's Day. Whether you are like me and expect one gift to say it all or simply can't pinpoint what dad likes these days, you might spend hours scrolling and clicking without turning up the results you are seeking. But if you know a dad who's all about having a good laugh, then you might want to check out these hilarious Father's Day gifts from Etsy because there really is a little something for everyone.

Your dad might be the guy who leans on solid dad jokes to get everyone in a good mood, or perhaps he's the kind of guy who wears his silly thoughts on his coffee mug or beer glass. Either way, you're bound to nail something down from this list, whether it is a fun pair of socks or a bit of humor mixed with sentiment in the form of a temporary tattoo.

The best part, of course, is that your gift will be the one that makes dad smile and that's kind of what this day is all about — celebrating dad. Well, that and jokes like, "What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y." But we'll let dad take care of that part.


For The Motorcycle Loving Dad

"I Don't Snore I Dream I'm a Motorcycle" Socks, $8 to $11, Etsy

Have a motorcycle-loving dad in your life? You might want to scoop up these socks for him. After all, why not add a bit of humor to his little white lie about that awful racket that keeps everyone up at night?


A Card That Says It All

"Dad, I'm Awesome" Card, $3, Etsy

I mean, not that you'll ever get him to admit it, but you know you are your dad's favorite, right? Tell it like it is with this card and he's sure to find it funny. (Your siblings? Not so much.)


Because Grandpa Is Kind Of Awesome

"Funpa" T-Shirt, $19-$25, Etsy

If grandpa is all, "I'm not a regular grandpa, I'm a cool grandpa," then this is the shirt for him. Pick from black, charcoal, or navy, and let him know you appreciate his fun-loving nature.


Wear Your Love On Your Sleeve

Vintage "Dad" Tattoo, $5, Etsy

Give dad a chuckle (and show him how much you love him) with this vintage style heart tattoo. Whether you are a big kid who plans to wear it on your own arm or your little one will be the one sporting the tat, he's bound to appreciate the display of devotion.


A No-Fail Cheat Sheet

Emergency Dad Jokes Card, $4, Etsy

It's safe to say this card would be a hit with my dad. After all, he's the man who loves the joke: "Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven, eight, nine." If a dad in your life cracks up over life's small humors, then you can crack him up with this card.


Silly Daddy & Me Shirts

"You're Killing Me" Daddy And Me Shirt Set, $40, Etsy

Choose a t-shirt for dad and a onesie or kids' t-shirt for his little one and not only will he find it funny, but everyone around him is likely to laugh as well.


For The Dad Who Hearts Fart Jokes

"World's Best FARTER" Glass, $18, Etsy

If a dad in your life thinks a good fart joke is funny, then he will probably appreciate this goofy highball glass. You can also choose a pint glass, wine glass, or beer mug with a handle if your dad's beverage of choice isn't served "neat" or "on the rocks."


Coffee With A Side Of Sarcasm

Sarcastic Morning Mug, $18, Etsy

I feel like this mug is really just one that most people would appreciate, am I right? But if you know a dad who is all "coffee before talkie," then this just might be the sarcastic cup for him.