10 Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Jokester In Your Life


This Father's Day, don't forget to celebrate all the dads who don't take life too seriously. You know, the ones who are quick to make a fart joke, think gag gifts are the best, and prefer humor over any sort of sentimental feelings. In fact, there are more than a few funny Father's Day gift ideas sure to make the jokester in your life laugh their you-know-what off. Not only will the class-turned-family clown appreciate the fact that you thought of him, but the gift you choose will surely provide laughs for years to come.

Just like all the outdoor-loving, foodie, or car enthusiast dad, jokesters deserve a little bit of Father's Day love, too. While parenthood is undeniably stressful, it's also comedy gold, so give the hilarious dad in your life a reason or two to laugh so hard he cries. For example, the jokester dad will love a photoshopped "painting" of himself in Medieval times to hang above the mantel. Or maybe he'll get a real kick out of a Monopoly-like game that's mostly beer-based. And for the dad that struggles in the joke department, there's a book of "dad jokes" that'll help him remain the life of the party.

No matter what type of humor the dads in your life subscribe to, there's something for everyone that's guaranteed to get a good laugh on Father's Day.

A Royal Portrait

Royal Portrait


By choosing the poster size and submitting a picture of dear old dad (or his favorite pet), you'll get this realistic-looking "historical" artwork with exceptional, "crystal clear" resolution. Take his best moment, or his worst moment, and make it something to really remember.

Bluetooth Banana Phone

Bluetooth Banana Phone

Uncommon Goods

What better way to answer a phone than with a Bluetooth banana, right? Pair it with dad's phone and he's able to take calls or call Siri in a snap. With 10 hours of talk time, a USB-rechargeable battery, and the 100 percent recycled plastic cover, each banana phone sale helps fund the mountain gorilla conservation team, Gearing Up for Gorillas. So really, this isn't just a gift for dad.

BBQ-Scented Candle

Mancan Candle Memphis Style BBQ Scent


What dad wouldn't be amused by a "man candle" scent? If he loves the sweet and savory smell of barbecue, then the answer is clear. Even better, this dry-rub aroma is handcrafted, packaged, and shipped by people with developmental disabilities.

A Hilarious Card Game

Cards Against Humanity


For the game-loving dads out there, this game is the game to end all other games. Specially designed to bring out the awkward, embarrassing, and downright crude responses in all of us, give this gift to only those who dare to dip into the risqué side of humor.


Accoutrements Llc Men's Handerpants


If your dad doesn't have Handerpants, it's time to remedy that STAT. Revolutionary "pants for your hands" are essentially fingerless gloves with an underwear-forward statement. They're also made with 95 percent breathable cotton and five percent spandex.

Donut Warming Mug

Donut Warming Mug

Uncommon Goods

This dual-purpose mug isn't so much a gag as it is a way for dad to have his donut and eat it too. This mug keeps coffee piping hot and the donut warm, equipped with a lid for those days when he's on the go and still needs his java and pastry. And don't let the recessed lid fool you — it doesn't have to be a donut warmer. In fact, dad can heat anything from cookies to biscuits.

A Book of Dad Jokes

The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes By Ian Allen

Urban Outfitters

Gift dad the gift of 224 pages of "dad joke" glory this year. For all the fathers who think they're funny (but aren't), or those who need a nudge in the terrible dad joke direction, this is your chance.

A Superhero Apron

ICUP DC Comics - Batman The Character Adult Size 100% Cotton Adjustable Black Apron


For the dads who love to cook, go ahead and let them know they're the superhero in your life. This gift can take them from ordinary guy to Batman with the tie of the apron strings.

Captain America Sleeved Throw Blanket

Northwest Captain America,First Avenger Adult Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves


If Batman's not dad's thing, but he's still a superhero fan, give the gift of a snuggly throw blanket he can wear. Not only does it provide some serious comfort, but just imagine all the ridiculous pictures you'll get out of it.



Uncommon Goods

What other board game incorporates beer and challenges, right? Humorous dads looking for some serious game night fun will love challenges like the rhyming competition or demonstrating their best dance moves. But be careful, because last one drinks from the Community Cup.