Babysitter with child having fun on the stairs
8 Instagram Captions For National Nanny Recognition Week, Because They Do *Big* Work

This Sept. 22 to 28 is National Nanny/Sitter Recognition Week. It's a special time to stop and let your child's caregiver know that they are amazing superhumans, and if you could commission a large statue of them to be displayed in the local park you totally would. But statues aside, another simple, sweet way to pay tribute and show thanks is via a social media post. Below are some Instagram captions for National Nanny/Sitter Recognition week, to help you pay homage to your favorite nanny/sitter, and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do. Because they do a freaking lot. Some of these suggestions are sillier than others, but I'm sure all nannies/sitters could use a good laugh. Especially after chasing your child barefoot across a floor strewn with Legos.

In all seriousness though, families (and society as a whole!) are truly indebted to our childcare workers. They perform a vital role for so many of us: whether it's a nanny who takes the kids after school so you can work, or a sitter who pops in for a few hours so you can meet up with a friend or go on a walk, or just try to remember what it's like to talk about something other than "Paw Patrol." We call them "lifesavers" for a reason. And really, we can never thank them enough. But we can try.


"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” — Mary Poppins. To our own personal Poppins: thank you for bringing so much joy into our home!

When it comes to caregivers, you can never go wrong with a Poppins comparison. Who wouldn't love being likened to the greatest nanny of all time?


“There are people who love your children as much as you do, and who inspire them and influence them. And on behalf of every sister and mother and person who stands in your kitchen and helps you love your child, I say thank you, and I celebrate you tonight." — Amy Poehler

If you've never seen Amy Poehler's acceptance speech at the 2011 Time gala, it's worth a viewing. She gives an awesome and moving shout-out to nannies and caregivers. The quote above is a snippet of what she had to say.


Thank you for your kind smiles and warm hugs. Thank you for every time you’ve grasped our little one’s hand crossing a street. Thank you for every dino nugget you’ve ever warmed in the oven. And thank you for playing spider hospital with our 4-year-old, and letting her wrap your face in dental floss. #OurNannyIsAmazing

Nannies do all of the crazy things. Like singing that one Shawn Mendes song to get your child to pee in a public restroom. Or pretending to be part-moth/part-lawnmower at the playground. They do all of the craziness, and they do it with a smile.


Reason #4053 that your nanny deserves ALL the awards: She's sat through 'The Emoji Movie' more times than the actual film editor.


Really, anyone who has sat through this film deserves at least a blue ribbon. But nannies have sat through not just this, but countless hideous children's cartoons, over and over and over again. Really, the makers of Hotel Transylvania 3 should send every nanny in the country a handwritten apology.


Dearest Sitter: If it weren't for you, my husband and I would never get to sit across from each other in a restaurant and take turns yawning into each other's faces. Thank you for making date night possible. #weloveoursitter #marriagesaver

Getting time alone with your partner without someone squishing themselves between you to scream that YouTube isn't buffering is vital for keeping a relationship healthy. Sitters make that happen, bless them.


A babysitter: an individual who has mastered the art of pretending not to notice that you have returned from book club slightly tipsy. #SittersRule

Sitters and nannies so often have to do a delicate dance between the personal and the professional. A really great sitter knows when to look askance and pretend not to notice the Merlot stains on your copy of Where the Crawdads Sing.


Leaving your child in the care of another can feel like the scariest thing on the entire planet. But then you meet the right nanny, and it somehow becomes the easiest thing on the planet. #nannyappreciation

It's terrifying to leave your kid with someone else — until you find someone you trust. When you do find that person, it's like finding a golden unicorn with wings made of sunbeams. It's freaking awesome and life-changing.


Thank you for keeping my kids safe. For keeping my kids happy. And for stopping me before I walk out the door to gently let me know I am still wearing a light-up 'Moana' necklace. #nannylove

You know your nanny or sitter has your back. This Nanny/Sitter Recognition Week, let them know you have theirs. Give them an Instagram shout out! (A paid night off would also be nice...)