Netflix Is Dropping New Shows In April For Kids Of All Ages

It’s that magical time of year again. The morning frost is almost gone, flowers are ready to start blooming again, and your kids have made a loud frantic mess of the house while home on spring break. Luckily, though, you can plop them down for some Netflix and chill time when playing outside isn't an option. You know, April showers and all that. And these eight kids shows coming to Netflix in April will definitely make spring break a little easier on you.

There are a couple of new anime shows coming to Netflix, but your kids can also continue the adventures with the Trolls spin-off when Trolls: The Beat Goes On Season 6 premieres. I don't know how it has already been on Netflix for six seasons, but kids love those singing trolls, so here we are. And Pinky Malinky, which premiered in January, is going to drop Part 2 in April. If your kid became as obsessed as mine and those first 28 episodes were played on a loop in your house, then you can understand the excitement at another installment of the silly cartoon.

If you need to use some of these shows as a way to rein in your kids when you don’t feel like cleaning muddy footprints off your kitchen floor, there are enough kids shows coming to Netflix in April to keep your little ones occupied.


The original Ultraman was a live action 1960s show that featured the title character in a costume rather than the high definition animated series Netflix is rolling out next month. The series focuses on the title character based on Japanese Manga whose main goal is to protect the earth from alien and monster invaders. Even if your kid isn't familiar with the Manga on which it’s based, they can probably get down with the hero aspect of the series. Ultraman premieres on Netflix on April 1.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon — Season 2

You might have watched the Pokémon animated series as a kid yourself, especially since there are a total of 22 seasons so far. This installment continues to follow Ash as he gears up for Pokémon school. Chances are, your kid is at least somewhat familiar with Pokémon and before you take them to see Detective Pikachu under the guise that it’s totally for their benefit and not yours, you can catch them up with this season on April 1.

Spirit Riding Free — Season 8

Spirit Riding Free, which is based on the DreamWorks animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, has been on Netflix since 2017. The newest season will continue to follow the adventures of Lucky, Spirit, and their friends, both human and horse. Season 8 premieres on Netflix on April 5.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! — Season 6

The great thing about the Trolls animated series is that you don’t have to have seen any of the other seasons to appreciate the upcoming Season 6. But if your kid loved the Trolls movie, they will probably love seeing most of their favorite characters back on the screen, singing, dancing, and farting out glitter. Because yes, that’s totally a thing. Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Season 6 premieres on April 6.

Mighty Little Bheem

Mighty Little Bheem is an Indian preschool adventure series that features little Bheem, an Indian mythological character, as he searches for ladoos, which are his favorite snack. The series doesn't have any dialogue, but instead relies on music and watching Bheem on his adventures. The unique animated series drops on April 12.

Pinky Malinky — Part 2

Personally, I am more relieved than anything that Pinky Malinky, the show about the talking preteen hotdog and his wacky band of misfit friends, is going to return to Netflix with more episodes. But I can't promise that you won't be singing the theme song for weeks after. New episodes will be available on April 22.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power — Season 2

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power premiered on Netflix less than a year ago to a mostly positive reception. It’s full of strong female characters and role models and offers another story than the more commonly told one of He-Man. Season 2 drops on April 26.

Ingress: The Animation

As another anime series from Netflix, Ingress: The Animation is about a group of scientists who discover a power to control the human mind and the battle to take over this power and harness it. The show may be more well suited for older kids, but it’s definitely a unique alternative to the usual shows your kids may have already gone through 10 times over. This anime series will be available on April 30.

You don’t have to spend your kid’s entire spring break locked inside with the curtains closed and Netflix playing on a loop. But there’s nothing wrong with getting in a little Netflix and chill session to give you a quiet house while also bonding with your kids.