8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Using Only Lipstick & Eyeliner

Halloween is a chance for you to break out of your normal routine, experiment with makeup, and embrace your inner dark side — especially if that dark side consists of copious amounts of black eyeliner and dark lipstick. Whether you're a makeup guru or not, experimenting with your makeup for your Halloween costumes can be fun and add an extra boost of intensity to your costumes. Luckily, you don't have to be an artist or a makeup expert to achieve a last minute costume with only lipstick and eyeliner. These costume ideas are all as beautiful as they are creative, but the good news is, anyone can make them work and all you really need is some black eyeliner and your favorite shade of lipstick.

Now, before you get carried away, you'll probably want to wear clothes along with your eyeliner and lipstick. But the premise of these costumes is that the makeup is the centerpiece, making the clothes (which are usually the focal point of most costumes) a secondary and frankly, less important aspect. For most of them, you could get away with wearing black leggings and a t-shirt and you'd still get your point across.

Whether you're hoping for an edgy, spooky costume this year or just want to up your face-game, these makeup inspired costumes should give you just the inspiration you need.


Batman Or Bat Woman

Only use the products you have on hand and grab your stick of eyeliner and draw on this gorgeous batman makeup look using this tutorial. Add some winged eyeliner to your eyes and red lipstick and you're all set.


A Zombie

Fast forward to the third look in this makeup tutorial for an eerie, stitched mouth, zombie book using eyeliner and black lipstick. Wear torn up, thrifted clothes for a classic zombie look, or just wear all black for an easy costume.


Masked Beauty

If you've got a bit of an artistic streak, follow this incredible tutorial for drawing a masquerade mask with only eyeliner. Add some red lipstick and a smokey eye if you've got extra time and you won't even need a costume.


A Cat

One of the easiest looks to achieve with only eyeliner and nude lipstick is the classic cat. Wear all black and follow this makeup tutorial to get the look, add some cat ears ($10, Urban Outfitters) and you're all set.


Wicked Web

Although she starts with more products, all you really need to get the basics of this first webbed eye look is eyeliner and some nude lipstick. An all-black outfit is the perfect way to offset this makeup-costume.


Black Swan

Although there are far more complicated ways to dress as Natalie Portman's Black Swan, this tutorial draws the mask using eyeliner and a dark red lipstick. You can wear all black, or wear a tutu and black bodysuit to make the look more authentic.


Charlie Chaplin

Draw on a mustache, eyebrows and some thick eyeliner with this easy Charlie Chaplin makeup tutorial. Throw on a top hat and a thrifted suit and you're all set for a night of comedy.


Half-Skull Makeup

You don't have to be a makeup artist to achieve this simple half-skull makeup look. Pair it with a black dress and you're ready to go out as half-human, half-skeleton.

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