8 Mom Instagram Accounts To Follow For Major Pic & Story Inspiration

Whether you use your Instagram account to further your business and brand or you just want a pretty, curated feed of your memories and your kids, there's a lot to unpack before you make your first post. I know social media gets a lot of flack, but I truly love Instagram for the way it feels like scrapbooking, no matter what your intentions for this digital "scrapbook" are. That's why having some mom Instagram accounts to follow can be hugely inspirational and remind you exactly why life, especially beyond the filter, is so special.

Because Instagram is so much more than just a pretty collection of photos — it's a way to connect with someone, especially another mom. When I was brand new to motherhood, I had a lot of questions, fears, and doubts, but Instagram, of all things, was often what I needed to soothe those anxieties away. I know it's easy to slip into a picture-perfect world on Instagram, but these eight accounts prove that there are so many moms out there offering just want you need to hear. From encouragement for your business and health to reminders that you're doing the best you can, exactly as you are, it's worth it to follow these women for pic and story inspiration. Remember, whether you're trying to build a brand or just want to share your life with the world, these accounts have the motivation you need to open up and let it all out.


Lauren Nelson (lauren1eah)

If you want funny, real life feed inspiration, Lauren Nelson is your girl. Her bio reads, "I’m a Mom, but there’s some other cool parts about me too," and this Instagram post featured above was accompanied with the caption, "Turns out apple juice pong is almost as much fun as beer pong." Basically, she's the mom friend you dream of having when you find out you're pregnant, and her Instagram feed is a collection of total realness. From photos of whining kids to pictures of her sipping on rosé, you're going to find a lot of fun on Lauren's Instagram.


Katy Ursta (katy_ursta)

Looking for funny, relatable memes and a big dose of health inspiration? You need Katy Ursta's Instagram. The mom shares everything from starting your own business advice to choosing nutrition over fad diets, and her over 12,000 followers definitely seem to love it all. Her feed is curated, but it's one of those that gives you inspiration, whether you need it as a mom or as someone who's hoping to make Instagram part of your brand.


Tasha J (bombingatmomming)

Y'all, this mom is funny. Tasha J. is a blogger and uses her Instagram account, Bombing At Momming, to poke fun at all of the "mom things" we should be doing. One of my favorite memes she shares is about making kids eat sugary cereals for breakfast instead of potato chips ("Pretty sure I gave them sugar over a vegetable") and this above photo, which was accompanied with the caption, "This is after time-out (when your kid was a jack hole all morning) and you give them a hug so they know you still love them.......and also maybe squeeze too tight so they pass out for a few peaceful minutes." I mean, hilarious and real.


Kelly (simplelivingfolks)

If you haven't seen this photo from Kelly's Instagram feed making its way around social media, then it's high time you start following her. Kelly's feed is more than just a pretty feed with letter boards and adorable pictures of her kids — it is deeply honest and impactful in a way I wish everyone could be. She is open about her sugar addiction, her role in fighting against the "mommy wine" culture, and body positivity. Basically, she's an activist in every sense of the word, and one glimpse at her feed will have you realizing that she's fighting for herself and for you. It's seriously motivational, and I love her detailed captions accompanying nearly every photo. I feel like I've just had coffee with a great friend every time I leave her feed.


Amie Jay (mommysinsidevoice)

If you want another Instagram account that will make you feel like you have the coolest neighbor in the world just waiting to put the coffee on, you need to follow Amie Jay's Instagram feed. As a mom, a postpartum and birth doula, and a "blogger with a potty mouth," Amie's feed is full of funny memes, real life moments about how hard parenting can be, and tons of "you can do it" reminders. This picture featured above had a caption that shared how self-conscious she felt before this photoshoot and how she almost let that negative energy prompt her to cancel the entire thing. We've all been there, right? Amie's feed promises you that you're not alone — and then she gives you some inspiration to fight back those negative feelings.


Kristen & Jen (imomsohard)

OK, you guys. The duo behind the Instagram feed imomsohard are more than just a funny pair of friends — they're actual comedians who tour with their show, reminding everyone that not only is motherhood messy, but it truly has a sense of humor. Kristen and Jen have 193,000 followers on Instagram alone, and one look at their feed will explain why — they're hilarious, they're real, and they're just like us. This is better than spotting a celebrity checking out the watermelons with no makeup and stained yoga pants — this is your neighborhood, your mom village, the other parents in the PTA rolling their eyes at another bake sale. Kristen and Jen share some hilarious motherhood moments on the feed, including filling out kindergarten forms (and spelling "mother" wrong), begging kids to clean up their mess ("I already did"), and reminding parents that the whole point of Sunday Funday is to wear your kids out so you can get them to bed early and enjoy some you time. I'm so there.


Accidental Super Mom (accidentalsupermom)

Accidental Super Mom's Instagram bio reads, "We live in a world of carefully calculated chaos, where three kids under three and type 1 diabetes rule our lives. Enjoy the show!" I mean — carefully calculated chaos. That's pretty brilliant, right? This feed is for those of us who need a story about kids not sleeping, a story about what a mom shower really consists of ("just the hair and down there"), and a story about how desperate we all are for adult interaction. So basically, it's a feed for every mom in the world. Plus, her stories about Type 1 Diabetes and how it affects her entire family (especially her toddler) are great for any parent who needs to commiserate.


Alissandra Maffucci (inspiralizedali)

OK, I've personally been following Ali and all her work with The Inspiralizer, the spiralizing appliance she created, for a long time. But Ali's more than just a cookbook author, chef, and entrepreneur — she's also a mom to a cute little boy. And her Instagram feed, while curated enough to go with her brand, is still super real. She shares everything from food favorites for baby Luca to how she manages working from home, prioritizing health, and why she's such a huge advocate for breastfeeding. Basically, she somehow manages to "have it all," but remains so real in her Instagram stories and posts that you'll never feel inadequate. Instead, you'll feel totally inspired. (And you'll want an Inspiralizer, too.)