Skip The Oats: You Can Now Order 8 Pounds Of Pure Marshmallow Cereal On Amazon

Lucky Charms is one of those breakfast foods that just takes me back to my childhood. Eating a spoonful transports me instantly to my grandparent's kitchen table where my sister and I are fighting over who has more marshmallows in their bowl. Because obviously, the marshmallows are the only part that matters. They're the best part of the cereal, so why not make an entire 8 pounds of just marshmallow cereal? An Indiana confectioners shop called By The Cup has done just that, and you can now order this sugary delight via Amazon. Magically delicious, indeed.

Lucky Charms saw the demand for the heavenly taste of their cereal's marshmallows alone and has recently released a contest where participants can win a box filled with just Lucky Charms marshmallows. To enter, you must buy a box of limited edition Lucky Charms with unicorns and rainbows to see if your box is one of 15,000 nationwide to contain a winning code that can be redeemed for a box of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms. However, if you're not one of the lucky few to win a box, you can order as many bags of marshmallow goodness as your heart desires straight from Amazon via By The Cup.

No, the good folks over at By The Cup did not painstakingly pick every last marshmallow out of box after box of Lucky Charms to fill their 8-pound orders. The marshmallows they are selling in bulk are dehydrated marshmallows in shapes and colors similar to those that appear in Lucky Charms, so you can get your fill of those delicious marshmallows without wading through a bunch of oat cereal first.

Reviewers on Amazon are going absolutely bonkers over the gigantic bag of sugary goodness. One reviewer wrote in January, "This is legit! These are just like Lucky Charms — I've gone through almost the entire 8 lbs. since Christmas." They also noted that when the bag arrives, some "marshmallow dust" will have settled in the bottom of the bag. While some were disappointed with this phenomenon, one reviewer instructed buyers to "treat this as some kind of voodoo ingredient that you can sprinkle on cereal or ice cream or some desserty stuff." That sounds ridiculously delicious.

When you purchase 8 pounds of cereal marshmallows, you will receive a shipment with two 4-pound bags for right at about $40. One reviewer on Amazon says that they loved having the big bags on hand. "It was just cool to have a giant bag of these, [I] started eating them like candy," they said.

If downing an entire 8 pounds of dehydrated marshmallows sounds like a stomachache waiting to happen, that's probably because it is. However, if you're planning to do some serious baking (I bet these will make the best marshmallow bars) or feeding a crowd of hangry teenagers all summer long, 8 pounds is simply a starting point. For those not feeding a herd or planning a bake sale anytime soon, By The Cup also sells 3-pound and 1.5-pound bags of this confectionary delight on Amazon.

Imagine biting into a spoonful of those marshmallows with a satisfying crunch before they begin to melt in your mouth. Sounds amazing, right? Head on over to Amazon to order your bag today and you can be munching on these coveted marshmallows faster than a leprechaun can slide down a rainbow.