8 Reasons Why Being Pregnant On Thanksgiving Is The Best Day Of Your Life

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It's safe to say that Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, the best holiday of the year. Argue with me all you want, but as someone who has never hosted Thanksgiving, since my dad loves to cook, I've always attended this fabulous "eating holiday" as a guest. I eat like a Queen without ever having to cook and that, my friends, is the dream. Then again, when you're pregnant on Thanksgiving you're probably having the best day of your life. What's already enjoyable is taken to a whole other level, and not just because it's perfectly acceptable to have thirds and fourths of stuffing.

The holiday season ushers in this hyper-focus on family. Growing a baby amplifies that because, well, it's probably normal to end up scrutinizing your relatives and whatever Thanksgiving traditions they've established. I know I've thought, “Yeah. They’re crazy. We’ll start our own family traditions when you’re born, little one, and do things our way. Like, without jello," when I've been around my family during the holidays. What can I say? There ain't no shame in my pregnancy game. Plus, the possibilities of picture perfect holidays with your future family seem endless when you’re seated, pregnant, in a real chair (not a folding one, for once) in front of a feast at your well-earned spot at the grown-up table.

Relish this day, dear pregnant reader. It very well may be the best day of your pregnancy, and possibly your life, and here are just a few reasons why:


For Once, You’re Not Sweating The Social Minefield Of Coming Up With The Correct Response To What You’re Thankful For This Year


While everyone else is struggling to figure out what in the world they should be thankful for, you already have your answer: having a baby, of course!


You Can Pretend Your Aversion To That Weird Casserole Is Pregnancy-Related

As much as you appreciate not having to cook, there are some limits to what you will force yourself to choke down. When you're pregnant, you have a fantastic excuse for saying, "No, thank you," to whatever it is your great aunt brought for Thanksgiving dinner because, um, no. I can't eat that. The baby said so. Yeah, um, it's the baby.


The Baby Would Like You To Have More Gravy

As a matter of fact, that last kick was definitely the baby telling me that I should pour that gravy all over everything and with reckless abandon. Again, this is the baby talking, you guys. Not me. The baby.


You Can Escape Boring Conversation By “Needing” To Pee Every Two Minutes, And It Doesn’t Seem Weird

Talk about the perfect excuse to exit stage right from that one potentially awkward (and probably contentious) conversation everyone seems hell bent on participating in. Sorry, I can't partake. I have to pee, again.


Nobody Expects You To Clean Up


Savor the moments you are encouraged to sit down and put your feet up. Once the baby’s born, nobody will care about you and you'll be the one picking up after absolutely everyone. Ugh.


You Get To Take Home All The Leftovers

Everyone wants to "fatten you up," (not a term I'm particularly on board with, but there's gravy involved so whatever) because you're "eating for two" (also not true but, again, the gravy) so family members are quick to load you down with leftovers. One night of not having to cook turns into three, and that's what dreams are made of, dear readers.


Nobody Judges Your Pie Intake

Except maybe your grandma, but her generation was told to smoke to keep the pregnancy pounds off so, you know, in one ear and out the other, grandma.


When Those Spiked Cider-Fueled Political Debates Get Too Heated After Dinner, Your Pregnancy Fatigue Makes For A Graceful Exit

After a big meal, my big family likes to engage in a big argument. It is a form of entertainment, for those who don’t choose to fall asleep during whatever football game is playing.

Thankfully, everyone knows how exhausting pregnancy is, so I always got a pass when I bowed out of these discussions in favor of a nap. Get out while you can, is my advice. Especially before they have second thoughts about you leaving with all the leftovers.

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