8 Seemingly Normal Habits That Turn People Off Instantly

Navigating relationships can be tricky, because at heart they're all about two imperfect people doing their best to get along. For the most part, trying to be empathetic and understanding about your partner is crucial. However, there are a few otherwise normal habits that can be instant turn-offs for many people. Sometimes these behaviors have a nails-on-chalkboard effect for others.

Of course, this isn't intended to bash anyone who happens to have the following habits. For the most part, everyone is trying in a relationship, and it's only natural to have some bumps along the way. "Of course we all get it wrong sometimes. We miscommunicate, and when we do, we need to make repairs," wrote John Gottman, Ph.D., and Julie Schwartz Gottman Ph.D. in Psychology Today. "Expecting no communication snafus in a relationship is like expecting a hole-in-one every time you hit a golf ball." If turn-offs like these show up in your own relationship, then it's totally OK to discuss them with your partner. And if you see some of yourself in these habits, that's OK too. There are plenty of ways to break a habit (or just own it if you want). So with this in mind, here are some of the more seemingly innocent turn-offs that couples face.


Texting All The Time

For the most part, nobody wants to compete with your smartphone for attention. "Being more interested in your mobile tells your date that you have more interesting things than them on your phone," said relationship expert and dating coach Rachel Conlisk in The List. "No one wants to feel second best." If you're helplessly glued to the thing, then there are some apps to help break smartphone addiction, according to Bustle.


Running Late

Apparently, punctuality is pretty attractive. At least, running late is a common turn-off, according to the results of a Twitter poll posted on AskMen. If you struggle with chronic tardiness, then there are some tips to keep you from being late ever again from Romper.


Obsessing Over Social Media

This is another "sign of the times" turn-off. At any rate, many people shy away from those who appear obsessed with social media, according to a survey posted in The Gay UK. Of course, what counts as too much time on Insta or Twitter will vary from person to person. On average, internet users spend 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media platforms each day, according to Digital Information World.


Displaying Mementos From A Previous Relationship

Sure, no one is expected to burn every single keepsake and concert ticket connected to an ex. Still, keeping remnants from previous relationships on display was considered a big turn-off for basically everyone, according to a survey reported in the Independent. It feels like you aren't over the person yet.


Interrupting Conversations

Can't get a word in edgewise? For many people, consistently getting interrupted when speaking counts as another big turn-off, according to Cosmopolitan. If you grew up in a family of interrupters, though, this can be a difficult habit to break. That said, practicing active listening may help those conversation skills, according to Elite Daily.


Finding The Worst In Everything

Sure, everyone has a bad day now and then, and it's understandable if you need to blow off steam. But finding only negative aspects about every activity, restaurant, or person can become a huge drag, as noted in Thought Catalog.


Judging Food Choices

Eating habits can be such a personal choice. Getting judgmental about another adult's food choices counts as a turn off, according to INSIDER. Honestly, food in general can be something of a touchy subject.



That unlocked phone may look tempting. But snooping through a partner's phone can be a pretty serious invasion of privacy, according to Elite Daily. For the most part, trusting your partner's privacy, and showing confidence in the relationship, is more of a turn-on.