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8 Sheet Pan Brownie Recipes For Baking (& Eating) With Your Kids

Delicious and simple, baking brownies together is an excellent way to introduce your kid to the oven. In fact, these sheet pan brownie recipes just might inspire your kid to get way more into cooking in general. When the result is this delicious, who wouldn't want to learn more about food preparation?

Best of all, these easy brownies also require minimal clean-up. Although plenty of people have discovered the ease of making sheet pan dinners, these handy kitchen staples also work well for baked goods, too. "Sheet pan baking is ideal for the hesitant or hurried baker because it’s so easy," said food writer and recipe developer Posie Harwood in A Cup Of Jo. "Dense batters work best — like brownies, pancakes, muffins and pound cakes." That's right, your beloved sheet pan can also take a turn for dessert duty.

Although they're a fast and simple dessert, brownies also come in about a zillion varieties, too. You and your mini-baker can try out classic recipes, flour-free versions, and even brownies with some surprising added ingredients. Then there's the whole question of edge versus middle pieces, as well as which flavor of ice cream pairs best with your latest brownie creations. In other words, baking brownies with your kiddos can become a fun tradition you share for years to come.


My Kids' Favorite Brownies

The name alone says it all. The recipe for My Kids' Favorite Brownies recipe from Cookies & Cups is super-simple, and they have the distinction of being frosted brownies. Because if there's one thing that can make any dessert a little more special, it's frosting.


Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies

If you want a dessert that has some serious flavor combos happening, then give these a try. This Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies recipe from Half Baked Harvest calls for melted milk chocolate stirred right into the batter. Any kid who digs peanut butter and chocolate will absolutely flip for these.


Zebra Brownies

If your kid enjoys decorating baked goods as much as eating them, then this is a winner. The Zebra Brownies recipe from Inside BruCrew Life feature fun chocolate drizzles on a white chocolate glaze. It's the perfect blank canvas for your child's creativity.


Easy Homemade Brownies

This simple recipe is suitable for even the youngest bakers. The Easy Homemade Brownies recipe from Good Life Eats cooks up in about 40 minutes total, so you don't have to wait around too long for the treats. It only uses a few ingredients, too, so you might already have everything on hand.


Fudgy Toffee Flourless Brownies

You don't even need flour to whip up a serious chocolate dessert. The Fudgy Toffee Flourless Brownies recipe from Mom On Timeout are super rich and chewy. It's a tasty treat that just happens to be gluten-free.


Fudgy Chocolate Chunk Brownies

This one is for all the major chocolate fans out there. The Fudgy Chocolate Chunk Brownies recipe from Something Swanky includes tasty little morsels of chocolate all throughout the batter. Because really, what pairs better with chocolate besides even more chocolate?


Sheet Pan Brownies

When the recipe's yield is "a lot of brownies," then you know it's a keeper. The Sheet Pan Brownies recipe from Mel's Kitchen Cafe is super easy to prep and serve. The chef also recommends storing some of the finished brownies in the freezer, and enjoying them chilled.


Avocado Brownies

If you like experimenting with unexpected ingredients, then give this recipe a go. The avocado brownies recipe from Well Plated replaces most of the butter with the food more often associated with guacamole. If you've never tried avocados in a sweet context, then it's going to be a treat. Whatever recipe you and your little chef decide to try next, there are so many awesome brownie recipes that are perfect for families to make together.